Transforming a rundown, intown 2-family into our home - Fine Homebuilding

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Transforming a rundown, intown 2-family into our home

comments (0) March 9th, 2009 in Project Gallery
jgold723 jgold723, member

We just loved the siding!
Sues favorite tool was the three-pound sledgehammer she used to demolish the chimneys
We turned a closet into a bathroom
The living room, finished. You can see the molding we were able to rescue.
The dining room. We covered the old pine board floors with oak. Sue choose the colors for the walls.
We just loved the siding!Click To Enlarge

We just loved the siding!

Photo: John Gold photo

We bought this two family in 2006 (as it, it was noted on the sales agreement) with the idea of turning into a couple of small condos that we could flip. But the city denied our permit (we still can't figure out why), the housing market crashed and my wife Sue wanted to move in town anyway. So we decided to make it our own. We moved in two years (and six dumpsters) later. It's been quite an odyssey. We're stlll not done, but it's coming along nicely and surprise, we're still married!

Design or Plan used: My own design - John Gold
posted in: Project Gallery, renovation, restoration

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