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Theres a Better Way

There's a Better Way: Manage Sticky Tape Roll

comments (1) February 9th, 2009 in Blogs
jross jross, Web Producer

Video Length: 0:57
Produced by: John Ross

Construction tapes just get tougher and stickier, and harder to cut and harder to peel away from the roll. Here's a trick I use to make both tasks easier. As shown in the drawing, I pull back a flap of tape and slip the blade of a single-edge razor under it. The tape sticks to the blade, giving me a handle on the tape when I'm ready to unroll some of it. Then I peel off the razor, use it to cut the tape, and stick the razor back in place until needed again.

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Comments (1)

metis metis writes: i did that a few times years back until the blade cut itself free and almost sliced my hand open in a bucket of gear. you also need to safely dispose of the used blade that's still good or find a new roll when you run out and don't need more at the moment.

the best method i've found is to stick the tape back down a quarter to half an inch off parallel to to the roll. the stagger takes a little bit of sussing out and varies on each variety and width of tape. you want enough stagger to leave a little over hang of sticky to grab onto, but not so much that you create a crease in the tape and waste a few inches or let the overhang get so dirty that it can't be used. letting the stagger run longer along the roll will reduce creasing.

Posted: 10:19 pm on March 2nd

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