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The Deans of Green

The Deans of Green

GE Promises Turn-Key Net Zero System by 2015

comments (2) July 20th, 2009 in Blogs
JFink Justin Fink, Senior Editor

Last week General Electric announced that it's developing a turn-key product portfolio that will empower consumers to build — new construction and remodels — homes that efficiently generate, manage, and consume their own electricity. This concept, known as netzero, is not new...but centralizing it within one company sure does make shopping easier!

So, in addition to their current lineup of efficient lighting and demand-based appliances (which communicate with utility companies to consume energy only when it's most efficient to do so), GE also plans to create residential solar photovoltaics and wind-harnessing products.

This one-two combo is a major step towards letting average homeowners live off the grid.

The first step will be in 2010, when GE will introduce the Home Energy Manager. This wall-mounted gizmo will act as the central nervous system for the net zero energy home, and will work in conjunction with all the other futuristic GE products in the home to help homeowners to optimize how they consume energy.

Click here to read the full press release.

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Comments (2)

Henry_Holman Henry_Holman writes: I very strongly believe that builders and homeowners alike should strive to reach net-zero. As we make that attempt there are major changes that will take place in our society. When most people live in net-zero homes, what happens to the utility companies?

Will they survive as fee for service providers needed to make net-zero work? After all you need to be attached to the grid for those periods when you are not producing enough electricty for your own needs. Will energy companies have to diversify and become component suppliers which would place them in competition with GE? On the other hand would the reverse happen with companies like GE buying up utilities?

I would be interested in what is being forecast by energy planners. I suspect that in the end consumers will still be paying as much (as a percentage of their income) if not more to use less energy so long as they are connected to the grid.

Posted: 8:38 pm on July 29th

MikeGuertin MikeGuertin writes: I remember being amazed by the GE Carousel of Progress at Disney World when it opened in the mid 70's. The wonders of electricity and what we could expect in the future. I don't recollect what electric gadgetry they predicted for the 21'st century but I'm sure it wasn't turn-key net-zero.
Posted: 9:08 pm on July 20th

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