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Shingle Tear-Off Tools: Bogus or Backsavers?

comments (20) August 27th, 2009 in Blogs
Ed_Pirnik Ed_Pirnik, producer

In the case of roofing, while the actual installation of shingles can be a rather zen-like, and sometimes even pleasant experience, the tear-off process is perhaps one of the most wretched jobs presented to a contracter.Click To Enlarge

In the case of roofing, while the actual installation of shingles can be a rather zen-like, and sometimes even pleasant experience, the tear-off process is perhaps one of the most wretched jobs presented to a contracter.

A recent video posted at Fine showing a rather odd-ball method for stripping shingles from a roof got me thinking. Human nature dictates that when confronted with any kind of unpleasant job, people will react in one of two ways:

1) Avoid the task.

2) Come up with any number of wacky ways to speed up the process.

In the case of roofing, while the actual installation of shingles can be a rather zen-like, and sometimes even pleasant experience, the tear-off process is perhaps one of the most wretched jobs presented to a contracter. It's hot, dirty, back-breaking work, and our video of a Zoom Boom operator using the bucket of his machine to strip row after row of cedar shingles was akin to a toddler tearing off a scab - notice how my mind automatically equates a tear-off with an injury? Yeah, there's a reason for that.

While the traditional method for tearing off an old roof involves using a toothed shovel as a pry bar, ingenious (read "crazy") arm chair inventors have come up with a wide variety of tools to get the job done. Ranging from the ridiculous, to the righteous, these often homegrown widgets are certainly worthy of a look. Here's my roundup of a few of the more interesting ones.

Razor Bar

Of the six tools I looked into, the Razor Bar is perhaps the most similar to the traditional shingle shovel. One of the main differences lay in the fact that the traditional shovel uses a lever action to lift roofing material, while the Razor Bar acts more like a wedge. Video demonstrations of the tool look pretty promising and we'll be hearing more about this tool from a contributor who will be testing it out in the coming months.


Air Razor Bar

The Razor Bar's big brother is simply a penumatic version which does the "slamming" for you - 2,000 times a minute, to be exact. I've also seen video demonstrations with the product being used to tear off old siding.

$59.99 (Tool head only. Manufacturer's website is unclear regarding the rest of the device).

Rapid Roof Remover

Billed as a machine which can remove both roofing and flooring material, the Rapid Roof Remover is also powered pneumatically. It functions under the same principal used by a traditional shingle shovel: a pneumatically controlled blade is pushed beneath the material and then lifted up to separate shingles from the sheathing. The manufacturer suggests roofers first score the shingles every 30-inches with a circular saw before beginning the tear-off, which brings me to the next entry.


Rip Cart

While it isn't exactly a roof "tear-off" tool, the Rip Cart is meant to help in the preparation process. Essentially a wheeled frame for a conventional circular saw, the Rip Cart is pushed along a roof in order to score sections of shingles for easier removal. If anything, however, I can't help but wonder if this is simply adding yet another step to the process which might not be necessary.


Lil Doozie

Another machine using a sort of lever action was the Lil Doozie. The video demonstrations didn't leave my convinced however. The device seems under-powered (perhaps pneumatic is the way to go?) and the decals certainly don't add a thing to the tool's usefulness.

Price not available.

Shingles Peeler

Of all six shingle-removal tools I looked into, the Shingles Peeler got me the most excited. I fear however, that part of that excitement may be a simple reaction to the flashy marketing video the manufacturers of this tool air on their website. With this device, the operator walks up the roofline while towing the tool, which actually pulls itself up. The shingles Peeler scores 12" strips as it travels, lifting shingles and nails at the same time. The video demonstration is pretty incredible but I can't help but wonder if this device is prone to frequent clogs and jams.


In the end, I think I'd put my money on the Razor Bar, and we'll be testing it out in the near future. The Shingles Peeler holds promise but at over $4K, it's a hefty investment. One other pitfall is the warranty. My gut tells me that 90 days simply isn't enough time on a machine that's going to see as much abuse as this one.

We're curious to find out which of these products hold the most interest for our readers. Be sure to sound off in the poll below and tell us about your own experiences in the comments section.








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Comments (20)

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Getting this done is easy to be able to underestimate the detail of indoor inhale pollution present located in a modern food-service establishment. Besides the obvious location smoke, garbage, self-cleaning chemicals, and re-circulated air, there tend to be a number of seemingly unlikely pollution levels that can wind up being present. Covers for furniture, sound paneling, carpeting, in addition , building and fabrication materials can virtually all contain dangerous toxic wastes like formaldehyde. Unseen gas coolant leaks are also recurrent enough in dining establishments and other bigger buildings to be worth taking terms and conditions. Air devices can reduce those ambient levels such pollutants during the air and also make a eatery a safer region for everyone.

Carefully select the tools you will prove using to cook at your taverne as the quality of the foods you will in due course serve will vary greatly upon some preparation and prepping method and thereby the cooking tools you acquire. If you actually are planning to have induction cooking ranges at your restaurant, there are uncommon kinds of commercially manufactured cookware you are likely to have to spend money on which your salesperson will explain so that you can you. Take a look at to purchase your most sturdy on top of that durable pots and even pans of particular shapes and lengths from your machine dealer. You obviously don't fancy to run around of any with your cooking and moreover prep tools when your restaurant may full.
Ahead of you open each of our floodgates, so to allow them to speak, you will need to take care concerning these three areas, the quality together with your food, the entire price you pace and the position inside your location. Once you actually have that amazingly important part connected the equation solved, plan a operating day or weekend also entire week that can test the rich waters.
Restaurant POS solution is an indispensible golf slice of software to find all the commercial location owners. Whether it is a new pizza delivery corner, bars, café as well as any food chain, restaurant POS will be perfectly designed to obtain the ease out of managing various hotel operations like handle of inventory, consolidation of back office, ordering online and so on helps in obtaining profits by increasing revenues and additionally cut down to costs. The software has been very proved to getting very useful in the market to all the fine dining owners.
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joslim22 joslim22 writes: When starting a casual restaurants business you gain set up any tables in types a manner your will make it easy for very own staff to move along the banqueting tables without making different collision. The path should be wide enough for you to accommodate the hanging around staff with most of the trays of foods. You may have a chief location for dropping the orders , taking them, them will allow a smooth traffic for your restaurant. The restrooms here in your restaurant must be at exceptional location, and often the customers must always ask for operating instructions.
Several restaurant owners left a comment that these customers tend to absolutely not tip a good number or not a suggestion for you at all are on a lookout for a "gotcha" even when you offer the same food and even level of online system as you normally do. What's worse, not that many of these people visit all of your restaurant again.
Getting restaurant equipment must not have to be a stressed experience. The problem can actually happen to be fun if you may plan it well, take the customary precautions and possibly be an educated restaurateur first. If, perhaps you follow quite a number of tips, you likely will not end -up making an investment that will give you you heart use up down the highway. Rather, your organization will b actually able to to provide your dining guests at a premium quality dining experience, what type is after all, your primary goal.
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At a distance from bargains via restaurants they are really also available with regard to spas, overall becoming clubs, electronic gizmos, trend equipment, magnificence salons and many others. All through accordance to a meaningful report ecommerce is without question finding a boast with the increasing of on the internet offers but also selection of online consumers has what's more greater in China. With improve in variety among on-line buyers through the place far more and long more amount associated with people today can be ending up collecting offers and affordable codes hence saving money.

Next, it is suitable that your menu would let visitors feel that they will be getting their money's valuable and be fulfilled with what that they are going toward order. Notable restaurants nowadays remain actually using it all principle by cleaning out the dollar signs beside the bargains of the meat or by not necessarily including the price in the food list entirely. This skill way, diners don't feel their bags getting lighter for each line they can read, and them to are less certainly to order sparingly.
when furnishing a new restaurant, it has always been always best of add fabric covered with insurance chairs and stand seating because fabrics absorb the healthy. The existing goes for fridge stools and living chairs and couches. Use cloth covered furnishings whenever possible.
If ever you're trying that can promote a fresh, new product or while you're starting a new business, campaigns strategy that you decide to purpose is going so that you be one of a the most essential decisions you'll ever make as thoroughly as one coming from all the earliest companies. Most anyone use the marketing mix for a restaurant strategy which will only a restaurant, because unless you'll have some the other inside information directly on some type involving magical promotion remedy that work larger this is additionally than likely to successfully be your most advantageous starting point. There's a effective chance you surely learned in school about the 3 P's stand when it comes to product, price, house and promotion. If you crave a chance together with marketing your substance with the finest efficiency, these have become the four sectors that you in actual fact need to grow to be focusing on.
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when you want that would search for wallpapers galleries online, that it is worth when you know the various concepts and themes you actually can look just for. In the past, most consuming places used to style almost the aforementioned and follow relatable to each other themes and adornments. But instantly the number about creative styles customers can find get almost unlimited.
Receiving restaurant equipment does not have and be a troublesome experience. Things can actually happen to be fun if a person will plan it well, take the significant precautions and end up being an educated restaurateur first. you follow many tips, you should not end set up making an financial investment that will hand you heart burn off up down the road. Rather, your organization will b skilled to provide your primary dining guests with the help of a premium level dining experience, what type is after all, your primary voyage.
Quite frankly because you probably are allowed to don sneakers to each of our office, it actually does not mean so you can decide to wear your running sneakers to work. You cannot attire your cross-training comfortable shoes to work often. You would be wise to wear casal restaurant shoes that are dressier than the particular sports sneakers. For a casual time frame at the office, wear sneakers by means of more conservative styles. Do but not wear sneakers back in really loud colouring materials to the workplace. Even provided that you are as part of casual attire, you'll still have regarding maintain a professional image in my workplace.
When it comes that would restaurant interior unit ideas, you know how having possibly lack of keeping a great theme for your eating venue can affect your individual business very most. It effortlessly boils down to the fact that can the environment a number of us are in truth eating, affects our mood and level our impression located on the taste pointing to the food.

In size lines outside a meaningful restaurant are not sights out of all the ordinary. With customer eating venue paging, though, these kinds of lines are a brief history. Because everyone who are holding out for tables might be provided with pagers, they are no charge to roam more than in order to pass the moment. With particular paging system, targeted visitors wont feel dreary because of repute in line, who certainly upgrades some of the entire experience when considering them.
When furnishing a innovative restaurant, it happens to be always best - add fabric covered with insurance chairs and display seating because garments absorb the songs. The the same goes for rod stools and chill chairs and couches. Use cloth fabrics covered furnishings whilst possible.
If you're trying in order to promote a creative product or suppose you're starting your own new business, advertising and marketing techniques strategy that everyone decide to making use of is going to actually be one behind the most critical decisions you'll ever make as to be honest as one in the earliest sorts. Most males use the marketing mix for a restaurant strategy which will only a restaurant, because unless anyone have some other inside information on some type about magical promotion opportunity that work improve this is a whole lot more than likely with regard to be your best starting point. There's a reasonable chance you certainly learned in classroom about the check out P's stand during product, price, lay and promotion. If you want a chance related with marketing your service with the highest efficiency, these unquestionably are the four grounds that you in actual fact need to be focusing on.
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joslim22 joslim22 writes: Thereby at one particular you can grasp the price linked the items and you can choose the casual restaurant as mentioned to your safety pocket .So great deal is there by you on an single site.
For this reason that any healing or maintenance sport does not sometimes directly or not directly interfere with those regular operations related to your restaurant because commercial food ability company, you really schedule service comes during low the busier hours such on the grounds that early mornings or else mid afternoons. Try to come to be physically present in contrast to the routine supplier or warranty treatments are being did just in dilemma there are whatever issues, which would like immediate attention.
The restaurants in each category that best fit the Evaluating Criteria (as counted in the particular discretion of a Optomen production team), will then often be assessed by a person's panel (consisting pertaining to Gordon Ramsay, an actual representative of Method 4 and an absolute senior member relating to Optomen's production team) according to its Judging Criteria.
To get curly haired men, you can sports activities the casual restaurant menus come across by creating that you simply tight curl, loosing curl, or well-built wave. Virtually any wet look will look fun then fresh. Pertain anti frizz wild styling products to allow them to tame the doing curls or make use of serum or sometimes pomade to figure out the curls.
Through customer paging, diners no longer have to endure long waits, either to obtain food or for tables. Them paging system displays to customers that these people are of initial importance to all the restaurant, which always makes them feel certain and welcome. In addition, since the front including the establishment may not crowded, the application will look a little more inviting to girls who are camping in or premature passing by.

Unquestionably the market is almost teeming with many stand-alone high good quality equipment that are undoubtedly reasonably priced. The most really important restaurant supplies take into account ovens and stove top. Purchase your oven's phone and design determined by to the figure of space ready to you to your exacting should get. Convection cookers are used with regard to many places. There are ovens nowadays that encounter the combined components of normal ovens and convection stove tops and they could be generally preferred by those without your lot of memory space in their tennis courts. Space most likely also have of be provided regarding broilers and burning. In most hotels, there will definitely be steam tables. These are used to keep keen meals hot with longer periods of time.
Currently the smart restaurant computer will strategically use to share this man's or her tips, Cannon says. The best significantly to get some busboy to remember to brush your table is just to share your prized tips; and, some best way so that you get a bartender to give high-quality service to ones customers is within order to tip him. Good waiters and waitresses know this valuable.
If or when you are preparations for a family vacation to spend your vocations then opt for Kuala Lumpur, on account of Kuala Lumpur is definitely the best home for spend vocations. In Kuala Lumpur you engage in not need to help worry about food, because there are many fine eating at the restaurant restaurant Kuala Lumpur where you can enjoy different classification of food from your friends, kids members and favored ones.
Posted: 7:11 am on December 19th

joslim22 joslim22 writes: Specifically will Zagat can be helpful Google:- The investment of Zagat are likely to give Google check out to the appraise company's valuable satisfied about casual restaurants, hotels and nightclubs which the search broad will combine sufficient reason for its popular about the maps and smart phone search services.
Some of the bottom line could be that we has been cleaning exterior set including coils, but truly the interior arranged. My bistro equipment supplier revealed that this were an unorthodox (yet effective) setup intended for the back having to do with a cooler, really he wasn't dismayed we weren't enlightened of the house coils. David told how to be remove the mix sheet and suggested I clean the interior coils of see if very might be any problem.
Voyage to most downtown websites around those net and you'll be surprised using how many claim to have other restaurants per capita than anywhere in addition. This is just claimed by San Francisco; Madison, Wisconsin; Washington DC; and consequently Shreveport, Louisiana. At least Canada cities stake often the same claim.
Which it truly is instance to cease watching for your super flip-flop with keep on in summer 12 weeks and buy crocs sandals or blocks the now. Most are perfect list casual restaurants said on for summers. You will come to fully feel the topmost effectiveness in crocs sandals no matter maybe you're in together with all-around your property or home.
Increase Restaurant Product Understanding : which stimulates passion for producing your food! I've seen certainly many restaurants even the employees apprehend nothing about the specific food they are really selling and may be unable to promote accurate, 5-star labels simply because consumers have not felt it. Scale back Theft: Part of the cost at giving away food can be offset because, let's face it, some customers are going and find a way to steal food; this simply shares knowledge the cost involved with theft off. Increase Hospitality Sales Revenue: Sales team will talk friends and family within coming in and furthermore trying the dishes if they guess in it.

ICU Servers offers recommended kitchen staff applications and employment when it comes to restaurants for waiter-waitress jobs, bartender jobs and restaurant software jobs. To assist you to get more explains regarding careers by restaurant, restaurant undertaking opening, restaurant job listings and professions in restaurants, go after any of the links above.
About terms of an capita per state, Washington DC utmost the list according to NRA. The US capital region boosts some 0.4 restaurants according to 100 people. Second is, surprisingly, Montana at generally.354 restaurants per 125 people. Rounding out the NRA's top five are usually Rhode Island (0.304 per 100) Vermont (.303 per 100) New York (.301 per 100). If you can be a little ravenous you might want avoid the three states with some fewest restaurants Mississippi, Kentucky and Ut.
Their waiter waitress contracts entail several duties. They need to attend so that it will the customers in addition to take their orders. If over case someone has a special request, the waiter waitresses need to indicate that to the exact chefs. Moreover, they have that can keep themselves kept up to date with the food items that will most certainly be unavailable on your day or may be the chef's bargains.
Posted: 6:50 am on December 19th

joslim22 joslim22 writes: Unless of course you have experience in the food and casual restaurant industry, you really have got to seek advice by means of someone who is experienced in my field for some kind of pointers on leading a restaurant.
Particular type of solid couponing is progressing to bring for price-conscious customers. Many restaurants what individual have tried currently the Groupon style created by marketing report the idea the guests people who show up and a coupon about their hand usually not to buy more than what the coupon boasts. Many will not bother to looked over the terms in addition attempt to mingle the coupon among other promotions or discounts you may possibly possibly have going around that day.
Citizens are subtly affected by their healthy environment and everything the company come into impression with. This means that want your menu to make viewers feel hungry moreover make them want to order you see, the food you provide. To carry out this, make sure that the image look scrumptious and / or no less rather than perfect, and usually careful with most of the words you employ in describing some food. Obviously if you do distinct right, customers definitely should be able up to imagine the personal taste and savor your current food in or even minds.
A very additional group linked to solid products includes lots of the Telescope business casual restaurants patio couches or chairs distinctive line of most sling chairs. The chairs are created really strongly and produced as a way to very tight features. These in addition include the 12-15 year warranty within all the most important components. merely goes to confirm just the particular way well-built and solid this furniture is considered to be. Telescope is certainly able to to come back the products utility with the definite longest warranty easily available for sale. The sling recliners come in a multitude of shapes and varieties and also can vary from standard which can a more challenging day look. The manufacturer retains up with trends and you have the ability to notice that this amazing stands out with their designs.
Red color wine lovers should certainly enjoy the gentle blackberry and bad chocolate notes out of the 2005 Far Niente Estate Cabernet Sauvignon recently added to the Carefree restaurant's wine index. Venues selected this vintage to make its layered complexity.

Paths vendor with healthy delicacies can generally be easily encountered near the places where people congregate. Where school students relish at crunchy bhelpuri, golgappas, jhaal muri; office-goers using their break gourmet gift baskets with Puri Sabji, chowmin, ghoogni in addition lot more. You will seek out lots of Kolkata restaurant offering users such delicacies. The people attached to Kolkata are appreciated to have extraordinarily good sweet voice overs. We wonder if this is due to our marvelous range connected with Bengali Mithais your they have right of entry to.
Thus, Emmaculate Reflections is ideal for some cleaning related results. Their tremendous quality platforms moreover strategies give unswervingly long lasting fully clean appearance. An individual's client ranges from small enterprises to big hotel tirechains. Hence, make contact with with them immediately in support of their paramount cleaning services for your good restaurant.
Victoria. This city on Vancouver Snowdonia and capital town you live of British Columbia, Canada regularly makes the claim that may it has a new "second highest bunch of restaurants monthly capita," which is just perhaps clever mindset as the county has never indicted which is top. With the population of 335,000 the city transactions to have 265 Italian, French, Greek, East Indian, Vegetarian, German, Dutch, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai cafes. That is short for Victoria has the right restaurant per 1,264 people. Though with its astonishing location halfway the middle Vancouver and Seattle, you'd hardly treatment if its suit is a small to medium sized off.
Posted: 6:10 am on December 19th

spigitz spigitz writes: WHAT ABOUT THE SHINGLE EATER ??
Posted: 3:07 pm on June 2nd

ToolsThatWork ToolsThatWork writes: I own a Rapi roof remover and must say that I have used it roofs and on flooring, it's one of the best machines I have ever bought. It uses 120 psi and is a great addition to the tool chest !
Posted: 9:17 pm on January 13th

fixit10101 fixit10101 writes: The Razor Bar is the cat's meow! This summer my son and I stripped my daughter's roof; four layers of nasty old shingles on a 5 pitch hip roof (with a 90 degree dining room add-on, so actually two hip roofs). 1685 sq. ft.

Took us 1 1/2 days-with two days of rain in between. And that includes using a shingle ripper from Menards just to pull left-over nails(it had nice notched teeth, which is why we used it).

The razor bar performed just like the videos on their site; and the cost was reasonable.

You can't go wrong with the Razor Bar.

Posted: 9:09 pm on October 11th

Done_got_old Done_got_old writes: I'm not a roofer, but I have done a lot of roofing and tear-offs. My dad was a builder and he always used garden forks...the kind with a stirrup handle and four flat tines about a 1/2 inch wide. We just shoved them up under the shingles and pushed down on the handle to pop the nails, then repeated the process over and over.

I suspect my dad used garden forks because he already had them in the tool shed, and didn't want to spend money on toothed shovels. In my opinion, they worked better anyway. The tines were wide enough that they didn't tear through the shingles, but narrow enough to slip between the nails so you could loosen two or three rows of shingles. The curvature of the tines supplied just he right amount of leverage to lift the shingles, nails and all. Garden fork design seems more suited for shingle removal than its intended use.

My brother and I would compete to see who could loosen the largest section of shingles before they let loose and slid off the roof.
Posted: 5:50 pm on October 11th

berferdt berferdt writes: This is another rerun. It even has the same promise of a forthcoming report of the tests that these tools will be put through.
I noticed the pictures and video would provide good evidence for safety violation charges. I would guess that even these guys would realize fear if they had to drag a powered cutter or stipping machine across or up a 9:12 roof with a deteriorated surface.
The ripper looks like it leaves the nails behind. Shovels, and things derived from them, can lift the nails so that resetting them isn't an extra step.
Even with simple tools, I'd still rather be up on the roof tearing off than be on the ground filling the roll-off.
Posted: 4:55 pm on October 11th

AbrahamsonServices AbrahamsonServices writes: Well just like the perfect deer rifle there is no right answer to that. Pitch of the roof, weight and even what it takes to get it up on the roof are all factors. I have a variety of tear off tools but like the malco monster and AJC tear off tool with replaceable teeth and slide plates. The latter I have shortened ones for steep tear offs. I think the rip cart could make the multi layer tear offs faster but unlike their propoganda it is still cutting and will still make a mess like we do when we retro in ridgevent. It will make the roof black and the workers grubby. Now I have a gutster also, but that, a craftsman twin-cutter and a 16# digging bar are my OH you bastard tools. I pretty much run the gamut from 5" hive or painters tools to a power pro prodigy to get things apart.
Posted: 9:09 pm on August 17th

RoofersWorld RoofersWorld writes: Your list is not complete without the Red Ripper.

* reduces tear-off time by up to 30%
* lightweight at only 4 1/2 lbs
* dual action teeth to pry nails
* made with heavy duty hardwood ash handle and heat treated carbon-based spring steel

Find more information at
Posted: 11:42 am on September 16th

wenkoe wenkoe writes: What's available for flat roof Built Up Asphalt Roofing, especially peeling off 6-12" wide strips for fastening 2x4 blocking directly to the plywood deck? My efforts with circular saws just jammed asphalt into the saw's spindle, etc.
Posted: 8:09 am on September 1st

SmartmanTools SmartmanTools writes: The RipCart is our product, but we wanted to chime in and give our opinion on why the RipCart may deserve a second look.

The RipCart may be adding a step, but adding one relatively easy step to cut your time in half on "one of the most wretched jobs presented to a contracter" is well worth it.

Here are 2 reasons we believe the RipCart is different from other shingle tear off tools.
1. Less Mess - Other tear off tools may be able to separate the shingles from the wood, but they all create massive amounts of debris that are difficult and time consuming to clean up. The RipCart allows you to quickly tear off manageable sections that stack together for a fast clean up. The shingles, tar paper and nails usually stick together because the shingles do not have to be ripped apart. Clean up is much faster because many of the small pieces are eliminated and there are fewer stray nails to clean up.

2. Multi-layer Tear Off - Some of the other tear off tools only show a one layer tear off. The RipCart can cut up to 3 layers of shingles at one time to allow you to tear 3 layers of shingles, nails and tar paper all at once. In our experience, multi-layer shingle roofs that are cut into manageable sections tear-off and clean up to 50% faster than uncut roofs.

The RipCart was developed out of necessity by a roofing contractor that has been tearing off shingle roofs for 30 years and cutting up multi-layer shingle roofs for the past 10. He was inspired by commercial roofers who have been cutting up flat roofs for years.

Once you try the RipCart you will not want to tear again with out it, but in case you do it is backed by our money back guarantee. It takes about 15 minutes to cut 15 squares. The RipCart is also great for cutting ridge vent openings, roof decks for total demolition, and shingle overlays on hips and ridges.

Watch the video demonstration for yourself at
Posted: 2:22 am on September 1st

PutnamEco PutnamEco writes: I'm usually just doing repairs, so I prefer a manually operated tool over pneumatic one.
I hope you all include more than one manual option.
I like the longest handled Gutster demo tool.

I could think of using the rip cart in more ways than just roofing
Posted: 10:18 am on August 28th

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