Timber-Frame Challenge: We Have Our Winner - Fine Homebuilding
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Timber-Frame Challenge: We Have Our Winner

comments (3) October 16th, 2009 in Blogs

Congratulations are in order for Tim Swartz and his crew, whose Lake Tahoe gazebo raised a heck of a lot of eyebrows at the offices of Fine Homebuilding. Swartz's structure, which includes exotic accents of purple heart and walnut, is the definition of elegance.

The stout posts supporting this octagonal gazebo narrow as they make their way up towards a roof structure which stands out as both complex and very well thought out. Seriously, who ever thinks of accenting a timber-frame structure with purple heart?

Well done, Tim & Co.

Be sure to check out this month's gallery challenge, a call for "Creative Kitchen Islands."

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Comments (3)

timberbrain timberbrain writes: I'd be interested in knowing how all those splines are structurally fastened to the kingpost in the center? Anyone else out there have any idea how this is done I would appreciate the suggestion. This has been a conundrum I've been trying to work out for some time now! This work is definitely worth the praise it receives!!!
Posted: 10:51 am on October 29th

Snipper12 Snipper12 writes: I would love to see the details on the construction of the joints on this. Is there any way we can see published details of these joints..................Outstanding work.
Posted: 12:50 pm on October 26th

peeperkeeper peeperkeeper writes: Fantastic work!!...and to think I was proud of my new nailgun this mornin'!
Posted: 12:04 am on October 20th

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