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Paints and Finishes

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Aura with Colorlock Technology Interior Paint Benjamin Moore - Aura with Colorlock Technology Interior PaintThis new water-based interior paint from Benjamin Moore rolls evenly, sets quickly, and has minimal odor
$55.00 Write a Review
SoyGuard Deck Sealer and Water Repellent BioPreserve - SoyGuard Deck Sealer and Water RepellentThis nontoxic deck sealer and water repellent is made from a derivative of soybean oil
$30.00 Write a Review
Dutch Boy Refresh Latex Paint Dutch Boy - Dutch Boy Refresh Latex PaintCost: $23 a gallon
(1 user review)
SoftWax Kit FastCap - SoftWax KitThe SoftWax kit inculdes a scraper, a buffing pad, and 20 wax blocks in various colors all organized in a hard plastic case
$30.00 Write a Review
Liquid Flashing Huber Engineered Woods - Liquid FlashingThis Huber seam- and penetration-sealing liquid flashing is used for sealing difficult joints, penetrations, and openings
$0.00 Write a Review
Verde Petroleum-Free Oil Finish Penofin - Verde Petroleum-Free Oil FinishCost: $22 a quart; $55 a gallon
$0.00 Write a Review
Endcuts Primer Ze-Vo Products Group - Endcuts PrimerZe-Vo Products Group produces this handy 4-oz bottle of white (or clear) sealer with a built in foam applicator and a tight leak-proof screw-on cap to make quick work of priming your end cuts, miter joints, butt joints, and more in the battle to prevent rotten trim
$10.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 results