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About Fine Homebuilding Magazine
Fine Homebuilding is the largest and most trusted residential construction magazine around. Every issue has the information you need to build better, all written by the “guys who swing the hammers.” In Fine Homebuilding, these experienced pros show you what they’ve learned. You’ll:

  • Discover the best construction techniques
  • Keep up with the latest in tools and materials
  • Pick up ingenious tips and tricks to speed up your work
  • Explore a wide variety of new and inspiring design ideas
  • Find new ways to improve energy efficiency
  • Expand your understanding of what’s possible and how to get it done
  • And even more

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A one-year subscription to Fine Homebuilding includes six hefty issues of the best building information you’ll find anywhere. Also, as part of your Fine Homebuilding subscription, you’ll receive two annual issues. HOUSES is a nationally respected showcase of beautifully designed homes to inspire your own home designs, and KITCHENS & BATHS provides a range of ideas and a level of honest, practical information you won’t find in any other magazine. That’s eight big issues in all!

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Fine Homebuilding is simply the best building magazine on the planet. Articles you’ll find in Fine Homebuilding include in-depth tool articles, both surveys as well as tool-use articles. Our "process articles" run the gamut from basics, such as how to lay out and cut a common rafter to the most complex techniques such as how to create the intersection of two roof planes of radically different pitches. Our "finish articles" will teach you how to hang a door as well as which door to hang. Fine Homebuilding articles also deal with all the various systems that go into a house such as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

But perhaps the aspect of Fine Homebuilding that most sets us apart is our attention to home design. In our house articles, we try to take an honest look at good fundamental design, with a real focus on smaller, more affordable homes. We also feature projects that most folks could tackle on their own homes.

Articles come to us from all over the country—home building methods seem to vary from coast to coast, state to state, and sometimes even between towns. As editors, it’s our duty to find new and unique ways of doing things and to teach builders methods that they might not be familiar with. Most of the editorial staff at Fine Homebuilding comes from building backgrounds, and because we are lucky enough to travel around the country to see beautiful houses and and to visit skilled articulate people showing us their craft, we feel as if we've never put down our hammers. And indeed, sometimes the atmosphere at Fine Homebuilding much more resembles a jobsite than a magazine office.

People all over the country as well as the globe count on Fine Homebuilding as their building bible. Fine Homebuilding is the only Taunton magazine where the majority of readers are professionals who use the magazine as part of their livelihood. But whether you’re a pro or non-pro, if you’re serious about building, you should be reading Fine Homebuilding

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