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Get a behind-the-scenes look at two very different ways to create custom mudroom cabinets.
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In this video series, second-generation builder Gary Striegler, and expert cabinetmaker Tony O'Malley share their best tips and techniques for building beautiful and practical built-ins. The series includes:
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Two Ways to Make a Built-in

Try making one of these two built-in designs. Tony O'Malley's highlights walnut and furniture details. Carpenter Gary Striegler's features efficient techniques for job-site construction.

thumb Introduction
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Get the scoop on our FHB vs. FWW challenge and learn tips for better built-ins.
thumb Pocket Screw Joinery
No clamps are needed for this speedy way to build boxes and fasten face frames.
thumb Simple Solid-Wood Edging
Learn how to add an edge to a plywood panel without using clamps.
thumb A Versatile Miter Saw Station
Built in clamps and a wide work surface help make accurate cuts again and again.
thumb Classic Crown Molding
Get some tips on milling custom cabinet molding, and see how to install it without breaking a sweat.
thumb Biscuit Joinery Basics
Biscuits are a great way to join cases. Here are three tips that will help you avoid measuring and let you glue up without clamps.
thumb Layout With a Story Pole
Avoid complicated math by making a full size template from a strip of wood.
thumb Cutting with a Tracksaw
Handle big panels, work in tight spaces, and make straight cuts every time.
thumb Scribing Cabinets to a Wall
Walls are rarely as square as your shop-built cases. Learn how to scribe and cut panels for a perfect fit.
thumb Making Arched Rails With a Router
Use a strip of plywood as a trammel to guide your router, and cut perfect curves every time.

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Tony O'Malley

Emmaus, Pennsylvania Tony O'Malley

For the last 10 years, Tony O'Malley has operated his own business specializing in built-in cabinetry. He started woodworking during college, and began in the trade shortly after graduating in 1982, working in several shops in the Philadelphia area. O'Malley has written many articles for Fine Woodworking and has edited four woodworking books for The Taunton Press.

Gary Striegler

Fayetteville, Arkansas Gary Striegler

Second-generation builder Gary Striegler owns Craftsman Builders, a Fayetteville, Ark., company specializing in millwork and interior details. The frequent Fine Homebuilding contributor also teaches at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, presents trade-show seminars, and volunteers for Mercy International in Honduras.

Show Your Work in the Gallery


Have you built a built-in that you are especially proud of? Share your work and see what others are doing in our Readers’ Gallery. Upload pictures and tag them with "Built-In".

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