Fine Homebuilding's Guide to Remodeling

Guide to Remodeling

Remodeling Projects

Protecting a House During Construction
A scratched door, a chipped tub, or a broken window can sour a project in a heartbeat

Build a Temporary Brace Wall
Before tearing down a load-bearing wall, you need to adequately support the structure

Problem-Solving Electrical Boxes
Cleverly designed boxes can get you out of trouble quickly during rough-ins and retrofits.

Plumbing a Basement Bathroom
Cutting through the slab is grunt work of the highest order, but a relatively easy way to add an extra bath

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Downloads for Online Members

Remodeler's Handbook: Framing
The best Fine Homebuilding articles about framing for remodeling projects

Remodeler's Handbook: Electrical
The best Fine Homebuilding articles on electrical for remodeling projects

Remodeler's Handbook: Plumbing
The best Fine Homebuilding articles on plumbing for remodeling projects

Design and Strategies

In the Zone

Kitchen Design: In the Zone
Create three distinct work areas with refined details to bring flexibility, flow, and function to your kitchen's layout

11 Essential Remodeling Strategies
Before settling on a costly addition, make the most of the opportunities under your existing roof

Bathroom Remodeling on Any Budget
Keeping your budget in check is a balance of good design and thoughtful material selection

It’s Time to Reprogram Our Approach to Remodeling
Taking issue: One architect suggest a whole new approach to tackeling remodeling projects

Kitchen Remodeling for Any Budget
Know when to splurge, where to save, and what not to do: Six case studies show you how

The 7 Essentials of Remodeling
Architect Matthew Schoenherr shares seven guiding principles to successfully transforming a home into something altogether new in this excerpt from his book, Remodel

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