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After watching this For Pros, By Pros video series you will be ready to tackle forming, pouring, and finishing a concrete walkway.

Introduction Series Intro

(Playing on this page) Rick Arnold outlines the entire process of building a textured concrete path, from forming to finishing.

Building the Form Building the Form

All successful concrete projects start with a clear plan, a solid base, and a sturdy form.

Adding Reinforcement Adding Reinforcement

Rebar and wire mesh are the backbone of a durable concrete walkway.

Pouring Concrete Pouring Concrete

Weather conditions, available help, and type of concrete mix are all important factors for a successful pour.

Smoothing the Surface Smoothing the Surface

Tools, techniques, and timing make all the difference in the quality of a finished walkway.

Stamping Patterns Stamping Patterns and Adding Control Joints

A stone or brick texture adds character to a plain concrete path.

About the Author

Rick Arnold
Rick Arnold knows his stuff. During his tenure as a contributing editor for Fine Homebuilding, Rick has written several dozen articles related to framing and roofing, and he's also one of our most trusted tool reviewers. You'll find Rick, more often than not, holding the other end of a board with his frequent collaborator, Mike Guertin.

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