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Lots of details add up to one good drywall job

Whenever you do a drywalling project, there are a lot of little things you can do to make the job go easier and end up with better results. In this video series, you will learn how to measure the house, and order the right materials; you will see how to plan and stage the job site to work efficiently; you will get tips on preparing the framing and hanging boards; and you will see all of the techniques necessary to finish the job right. After you watch this series, you should be more confident when tackling your next drywall project.

measuring and planning 7 Tips for an Accurate Takeoff

Save money and time by ordering the ideal number and sizes of drywall sheets.

Sill Pan Flashing Options 7 Fixes Before Delivery

Learn how to prep your framing so that drywall sits flat, and is easy to fasten securely.

Effortless drywall installation 9 Secrets to an Effortless Install

Planning ahead, having the right size crew, and using the correct tools will make any drywall project go smoother and faster.

9 Rules for Hanging a Vaulted Ceiling 9 Rules for Hanging a Vaulted Ceiling

A few smart decisions when you're measuring and laying out will make drywalling tall ceilings a snap.

7 Tips for the Best Basic Finish 7 Tips for the Best Basic Finish

Myron shows the secret to getting a perfect surface with almost no sanding.

Achieving a Level-5 Finish 6 Steps to a Level-5 Finish (FREE)

With the right tools, a bit of practice, and a little help, anyone can have this top-of-the-line finish.


Completely revised and updated 3rd edition, with 100 new photos, and a new chapter on sound control.

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Hanging Drywall on Basic Walls
Properly hung panels reduce the work of taping, mudding, and sanding

Finishing an inside cornerFinishing an Inside Corner
For a professional finish, you have to tape, then wait

Finishing an Outside Corner
Apply the right amount of compound and pressure on the corner bead

Energy-Smart Details: Airtight Drywall
Stop air leaks, and make your house more comfortable and energy efficient

How to Hang Drywall on a Gable End

How to Hang Drywall Overhead


drywall-compound-types.jpgWhat's the Difference: Premixed All-Purpose Joint Compound
Heavyweight, lightweight, and midweight types can be used straight from the bucket

Moisture-Resistant Drywall Choices
Treated-paper drywall vs. fiberglass-faced drywall

Drywall Calculator
Figure the amount of sheets, fasteners, and buckets of compound you will need for your job

custom-drywall-tool.jpg VIDEO: Custom Taping Tool
A custom drywall taping knife is cheap, easy to make, and produces excellent results

VIDEO: Tajima Drywall Rasp
This combination rasp does 3 jobs better than the old single-duty models

TOOL REVIEW: Radius 360 Drywall Pole Sander
(Full Circle International)

TOOL REVIEW: Magic Trowel Drywall Trowel
(TexMaster Tools)

Myron R. Ferguson

Brian Walo
Fine Homebuilding is built around tradesmen who are passionate about their work, but Myron R. Ferguson is in a category all his own. You could search for a lifetime and never find another contractor who loves drywall as much as Myron. Myron has also completed a Building Performance Institute certification and is now a building-envelope analyst. When he's not heaving 'rock and slinging mud, he enjoys running in road races and spending time with his family in Galway, N.Y.

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