8 Basic Rules to Master Trim Carpentry Download the Article:
8 Basic Rules to Master Trim Carpentry

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Self-draining Sill Pans Removing Old Window Trim

Watch this video to get some smart tips for pulling molding without making a mess.

Sill Pan Flashing Options Installing Window Stools

Kit Camp shares some smart techniques for measuring and fitting this tricky piece of trim.

Sill Pan With Regular Peel-and-Stick Installing Window Aprons and Casings

Save the aprons for last to make room for solid nailing of the casings.


Get all the finishing touches just right, and give your house a one-of-a-kind personality.

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Kit Camp

Mike Guertin
Finish carpenter Kit Camp started his career building wooden boats, then attended the College of the Redwoods to study with woodworker James Krenov. That experience led to a job creating and running a woodworking program for young children at a private school in Las Vegas. Now Kit lives in San Diego with his wife and three daughters, who occasionally leave him with a little time and energy to write, play, and work in his shop.

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