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Watch this For Pros, By Pros video series to learn how to make siding repairs that look good and hold up to the elements.

Introduction Simple Vinyl Patch
(& Video-Series Intro)

(Playing on this page) Learn a simple technique for patching small holes in vinyl without removing the entire piece of siding.

Vinyl Siding Replacement Vinyl Siding Repair

See how to disconnect vinyl siding, make a replacement piece, and re-engage the entire panel in a few steps.

Partial Shingle Replacement Partial Shingle Repair

It's possible to repair the exposed portion of a shingle without having to replace the entire shingle.

Whole Shingle Replacement Whole Shingle Repair

Watch how Mike protects the perimeter shingles while replacing a damaged one.

Fiber Cement Replacement Fiber Cement Repair

Learn some tricks for removing old nails, fitting the new boards, and nailing off siding without a hitch.

Wood Clapboard Replacement Wood Clapboard Repair

Pull a damaged clapboard off and fasten a new one with a few simple tools.

About the Author

Mike Guretin
Mike Guertin has been a Fine Homebuilding contributing editor since 1996. A builder and remodeler from East Greenwich, R.I., Mike is constantly testing new ideas and writing about his experience to help make our homes better and our jobs easier.

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