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New Window in an Old Opening
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New Window in an Old Opening

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Introduction Series Intro

(Playing on this page) Learn the difference between a replacement window and a full-window replacement. Plus, get an overview of the full-window replacement process.

Remove an Old Window Remove an Old Window

See how to build window casing and use that casing as a template to cut back existing siding before you install the new window.

Prepare the Opening Prepare the Opening

Learn how to clean the existing rough opening and inspect for damage before installing the new window. Also, see how to waterproof the opening with self-adhesive flashing tape.

Install the Window Install the Window

Watch as Bill applies sealant to the window flange, checks the window for plumb, level, and square, and fastens the flanges to secure the window.

Finish the Window Flash and Trim
the Window

Bill demonstrates how to use a combination of materials to flash over the flanges. Finally, he installs the pre-built casing over the new window.

About the Author

Bill Robinson
Bill Robinson comes from a long line of carpenters and contractors in Indiana, and his grandfather and other relatives built grain elevators across the Midwest. Before he took up the family trade as a second career, Bill was a commercial diver on deep-water oil rigs. Bill and his wife, Kathy, spend their free time in New Orleans, where they enjoy the local music, food, and culture.

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