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Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

Could April 1 have anything to do with the video?

Re: Worm-drives vs. sidewinders? A conversation with Larry Haun.

Because worm drives saw are narrower there are times when they can get into places that the sidewinder cannot. I started out using a sidewinder and then bought a worm drive saw and have seldom used the sidewinder. I also found that worm drive saws last longer.

There is one positive attribute about a sidewinder. I let my dad use my sidewinder because he liked it better than the worm drive. One day he was changing the blade and he hit the switch and it started up. He was able to hold the blade and he would not have been able to do that on my work drive.

I have one sidewinder that is not a top handle saw and it has the handle directly behind the blade. I like it.

I have never had a worm drive saw break down on a job but I have with two sidewinders. One of them burned up and the other had the teeth strip on the bull gear. I had the same thing happen on a Rockwell 8" portable tablesaw I bought years ago. It was the same gear as in my sidewinder.