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Re: Video: Bosch Axial-Glide Miter Saw

I thought I already posted a comment. Why am I getting this twice? Also, how is the sweepstakes entered?

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

As just a do-it-yourselfer around the house I use a 10" Delta Sidekick that came with it's own attached tubular stand. I don't believe I would ever buy a saw like this and then build a stand out of sawhorses or old doors or a chunk of plywood. Ugh! Why would I want to lug that around? A couple of gripes I have is that this saw will cut "only" 12" crosscuts. Many times I could use more. Also, it would be very nice if my saw would bevel in both directions as well.

Re: Bark Side Up or Bark Side Down?

I'm no professional carpenter by a long shot, although I've done all the carpentry work around our place for years. I built a deck out of pressure treated next to our garage several years ago and just for grins I bought a 'deck book' at the local big box store. The instructions there said to place them bark side down which I thought wasn't right. I did it anyway, and now all the boards are cupped and hold some water after a rain. Not real bad, but I wish I had done it the way it looked right to me.

Re: Synthetic Decking: Best Buy or Absolute Nightmare?

Wayne, aka hotrod32,
I installed a small (10'x4') 2X6 redwood deck to transition between two porches nearly 20 years ago and it's still going strong. If that material was still available I'd use it again without hesitation. Right now I do not like the look or feel of the synthetic decking materials. I've put up a treated yellow pine decking several years back that is somewhat rougher than the redwood, but better than the man made stuff in my opinion.

Re: Titanium hammers up for grabs. Want one?

I had trouble forking over the cash for what I thought was an overpriced calculator that worked with fractions. 200 bucks for a hammer... take a break! Additionally, I simply cannot see how a higher percentage of force from a lighter hammer material can be transferred to a nail. It's simple physics to me. f=m*a force=mass*acceleration. More mass, moving at the same speed and you end up with more force. Simple. Swinging a lighter hammer faster to get the same force does not make for a well driven nail to me. I'm still fond of the assortment of nail-guns and staplers that I've accumulated. Persuade me!