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Re: Is Your Future Sketchy?

Hi Mat

I've started the hard wood Jarah octagonal gazebo here in Perth WA. I drew my own sketch up models based on your octagonal roof framing tutorials.
I've got some progress pics for you.
Can I post the pics to you on this blog or do I put them up somewhere else


Re: Major Thermal Bypasses: Energy-Wasting Holes in Your House

In Australia we put warm cartons of beer in these voids during winter and cold cartons during summer. The statistical data is not over whelming and you do need an extended line of credit at the bottle shop but in this modern age of many global beers the practice does help to determine which beer tastes better at which temperature.
Thermal Performance Assessor
Perth Western Australia.

Re: Is Your Future Sketchy?

Hi Mat from sunny Perth, Western Australia

I am a carpenter and a Thermal Performance Assessor for residential buildings as well (energy efficiency software)I like to do a lot of outdoor decks, gazebos, alfresco areas etc. (there is a much higher chance of beers at the end of a job when its a deck area as opposed to rehanging someones fly screen door)

I have just fallen into sketch up and am loving the modelling process for my ideas. I am instantly noticing clients responding much more positively to concepts Id like to pitch (and sell)to them when they can actually see it in normal vision (many people glaze over at 2d plans).

Rather than me pointing about the place with a timber off-cut explaining all these imaginary beams and skillion roof planes, the missus can go " oh I like that" and hubby signs up.

I appreciate your easy paced narration, no umms, buts, argh, just focused thoughts rolling straight out the mouth at easy listening pace - good stuff

And despite a man of your experience and skill succumbing to mild embarrassment when you make a mistake its actually quite beneficial. If your going to make a mistake then chances are hundreds more will make the same mistake. By you making the mistake the issue is highlighted and red flagged even more so and so better learning goes on.

It just so happens I have to build a large octagonal gazebo and boardwalk around a large private pond out of a classic Australian hardwood - Jarrah. I searched the net for some basic octagonal gazebo guidelines and was very disappointed with the rubbish I had to trawl through, to the point where I decided Id just graph paper it out and move ahead myself.

I started delving into sketchup and found all your roof framing tutorials and the octagonal one was gold! Perfect.

Thanks once again Matt