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Re: The no-swear approach to cutting crown molding

The Boschs, Feins, Festol other unconscionable priced chachkies may inflate one's ego, but I'm reminded "it's not the violin, but the talent that makes for a sweet sound -or- even a simple old violin in the hands of a master makes for sweet music." As for miters, etc, surf over to
Info is high grade. Prices, dirt cheap. And in a craftsman's hands the results are remarkable. No, I'm not a shill for Quint, just a very satisfied user.

Re: Download the SketchUp Model of the Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand

Please do not misappropriate the term "Ultimate" for this m/s stand design. A clunky 8' behemoth, not really portable and not really shop stationary suitable. Who's kidding who? Looks more like this was just a amateur exercise in playing with SketchUp. Are we trying to be kool (sic) with some newer sftwr tools and not doing justice to either good product design or SketchUp??? Please, Fine Woodworking can and has done much better, even looking back 25 years.