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Stove Moving Day

Stove Moving Day

(Or How Pat and Andy Came to Own Martha's Stove)

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Re: Patrick's Barn: Roof Framing

When sheathing a steep roof, I rip the sheets in half lengthwise. That way, I can lean out from inside the rafters to nail the sheathing home. I'm pretty sure I got that idea from Tips and Techniques, btw.

Re: Patrick's Barn: Rookie Mistake

Patrick, that was one of the most relaxed and pleasant slabs I've ever worked on. Of course, it wasn't my job, and I wasn't buying the concrete.

Re: Almost out of the Ground

I'm pretty sure Mike Mulligan could have had that trench in and backfilled before coffee break...

Looking good, Patrick.

Re: Stove Moving Day

Well, thank you. That is high praise.

Re: Choosing a Hammer Over Harvard

Kevin, I'm glad to read your description of the generation of carpenters who chose that path. I'm one of them, as you know, but during my pre-FHB carpentry career in NJ, I only encountered a few others. Yet they seem to be thick as black flies in May here in New England. What's up with that?

In any event, I plan to read Builder's Apprentice based on your review. I'd also love to hear your take on Shop Class as Soulcraft.

Re: Tablesaw Accident Sparks Million-Dollar Finger

If I'd had the SawStop twenty some years ago, I'd probably still have all the bone as well as full mobility and full feeling in all the fingers of my left hand. On the other hand, so to speak, if I hadn't been doing something incredibly stupid, and if I hadn't had such a cavalier attitude toward safety, I never would have run those fingers through the saw.

I hold myself entirely accountable for my accident. In fact, I don't even like calling it an accident, as it was fully preventable through ordinary care. Language matters. We should refer to fewer events as accidents. Calling something an accident suggests that no one had control over the event, and that's rarely the case beyond say, getting whacked by a meteorite.

And as someone who's utterly fed up with the ever increasing power both the government and self-anointed safety police have over my life, I think both the lawsuit and the idea of further regulation are over the top. I'll accept the risks and the penalties, thank you very much.