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Re: Pancake the furniture maker

I think I’ll grow up to be a movie star, I'm so photogenic.

Re: Rambo our Health & Safety Rep

Looks more like a personal coach.

Re: Otis - Waiting for Lunch

I see what the Border Collie is up to.

Re: "BUDDY" our mascot!

I know he won't go far without his boots.

Re: Shady Job Site Dog

Doesn't miss much, but herding a crew is okay if there's no sheep.

Re: Helping Hen

Who says a chicken can't be friends with a human? Life as a chicken couldn't be better.

Re: The Foreman, hard at work!

Nothing like a shady spot to lay in while I keep an eye out.

Re: Sawdust Monster

I'm tired and dirty and they're taking pictures of me for the internet. Good thing I really like humans, I'm sure they will take care of me.

Re: Baxter keeps close watch over the saw blades

I've got my own RV. This is a great location to park and it's comfortable but I'm dreaming of a nice soft blanket, it could be a great place to take up permanet residence.

Re: jobsite dogs

I'm busy keeping track of the tools, you’re not going to sidetrack me.

Re: Annabelle the jobsite dog.

Left on my own again. Think I'll lay in this soft spot for a while, then I'll come alive later when the rest of the family gets home.

Re: Breaking Ground with my dog, and CAT

This is wonderful, I’m so excited. We have a new place to dig dirt. Who knows what we'll dig up today?

Re: jobsite dogs

Nothing like some brush to check out, it has so many uses. You can rub your face against, you can see if anything is hiding in it, or who knows what kind of surprise it may hold.

Re: Poupou the cabinetmaker

We see each other but I'm curious as to why your in my cabinet shop. Maybe you bought me some cat treats.

Re: Job site dog, Buck.

I'll stay focused on his work so he will play with me later.

Re: Babe, my everyday buddy.

I'm everything a dog should be, just ask Jerry.

Re: Crawl space

The boss sent me in first to look for critters.

Re: J.J.

I'm so cute. My Hollywood agent will love this photo.

Re: Triple Lab board-stretcher

We’re helping but you could do better by throwing it for us. We promise to stay focused on our work.

Re: Come on now...Pick up the pace!!

The rides fine, but I'm concerned, do you have another cart for my dog food.

Re: Sadie The Inspector

I'll always rember what fine life I had, the oversize dog house was great.

Re: Sweet Little Honey Bear

Living up to the tough guy image isn't easy for a little guy.

Re: Wishbone inspecting the wall demo.

I think I'm better looking than the Moana Lisa.Being framed in a chimney is classy.

Re: Tough day on the job!!

Being a puppy is hard work.

Re: Job Site dogs

I'll play along, pretending to be a nurb.

Re: Wish I could work like a dog!

I'll hold it down; my companion always does a quality check before leaving. He'll photograph me and turn me into a Fine Home Building star.

Re: Dee O'Gee checking my latest project for fit.

I'm going to join up with Snoopy. We hunt down the Red Baronand get even with him for shooting up Snoopy's dog house.

Re: Job site dogs

Nothing better than a nice warm sunny place where I can watch over things.

Re: Job site dogs

They should have a clue by now I'm not interested.

Re: Shop Cat

A cat nap is a cat nap; the imaginations of humans never cease to amaze me.

Re: Jobsite Dog

Look at me; I'm a fancy dude, not everyone has purple slippers like me.

Re: shop cat

A box is a box; I'll worry about the amenities later.

Re: Projects CAT scanned

I'm glad the human took a clue from me that it was below 55 outside. He put my perch in a great place, where they will see and feed me. I'll just hang out and get something to eat before I take my nap.

Re: Beautifull Lily

It's hard work for a lady to pick up after these people.

Re: Willy the Cabinet Inspector

Looks like another days work is completed, lets get something to eat and find a warm place to take a cat nap.

Re: Mr. Bodacious Big Tony

I'm hoping for some of the luck of the Irish.

Re: Did you ask my Boss if you could borrow that tool?

I'm a good looking and hard working, I'm known for my professionalism, if your unauthorized on my turff don't run you'll just be tired when I catch you.

Re: New Garage/Convert old indoor garage to Womancave

Lunch was good, there's nosense of wasting the ice, I'll just pretend I'm being cool.

Re: Did you know there's a huge hole up here?

My cat friend would be jealous today.

Re: new Mantel

I found out about multipurpose items from my human friends.

Re: fence

So you see I'm a horse.

Re: The Shop Supervisor

I had to go a long way to pick a good human.

Re: Greatest Job-dog

Being a good looking easy going is easy for us.

Re: Fine Homebuilding Animal Chalet

This crate is boring.

Re: Work? What about the weekends!

I'll keep my poker face on while I'm super dog, I can leap over tall things just for fun.

Re: My jobsite pup

It's easy being a ham and getting these guys to like me.

Re: Arf, Arf! ??

Who's watching who?

Re: Louie & Odi wait for their new cabin roof

It takes all kinds working in harmony to keep track of these human projects.

Re: Our new build

I'm sure glad they’re doing a good job; a good looking sophisticated dog like me can appreciate the attention I receive.

Re: Equal Time for the Job-Site Cat "Jack"

I'm glad they didn't take over all my space with tools.

Re: Ditch Digging

They buried there stuff deep, It’s going to be a problem to dig it up, we may need help.

Re: Reno Patience

I'm really bored; I think I'll just hang out. I'll be rested for my enthusiastic rebound.

Re: This is the spot

The people I hang out with think I'm helping them pick out a site for a new house (but I'm really trying to see what there is to chase here).

Re: Job site helpers

Looks like quitting time, lets get out of here.

Re: Paw Clamp

I'll pose as if I am a carpenter, it will make a great picture for my Hollywood portfolio.

Re: Fire Pit

Having these guys work for me worked out well. After they provided me the fresh pile of dirt I was able to show them what digging was all about. Of course I thanked them by taking a nap and posing for them. Now I 'll wait for a ride.

Re: Gambit & Bruno Build a Shed

A complete crew one supervisor, one lazy guy and one guy working.

Re: weekly "squawk" with Socrates the Macaw

This human guy is like a mobile platform, he takes me up and down, I get to see what's happening without flying around.


I see why the boss likes this chair so much, there's good looking dogs like me on the monitor.

Re: Little Kitty

If I watch the hole long enough something will come out of it that I can chase.

Re: Working dogs

I'll naw on the handle for a while my buddy hides behind the bush and keeps watch.

Re: The Other Woman

If I sit here he won't throw me off, then I wont have to follow him all day.

Re: The job superintendent

I'm glad they parked here, I can get a great view.

Re: Take your pick.

This is like work, I'd rather fetch a ball and take a swim.

Re: Job-Site Dog (the foreman)

I can't believe the work humans go to make me comfortable.

Re: Squirrel hunting

He's got come down sometime.

Re: Don't you see those squirrels over there!

Sometimes my chauffer misses the important things.

Re: My dog Franklin

Where's the driver, I'm ready to go.

Re: Garden Helpers: The Boxer Boys

Life is good, I wonder what they'll serve us for lunch.

Re: On the way to the job site

Nothing like a ride in the pickup, I'll just wait, I know the chauffeur will be back to give me another ride.

Re: Reading up on custom doghouses:)

Being a master wood worker is hard work but if you keep at it you can end up as celebrity in the Fine Home Building Magazines internet site.

Re: New Stairs built from temporary construction stairs.

I'll just hang out until they get the stairs done.

Re: Benson, FHB's newest tool hound

I'm dreaming of my next project.

Re: Interested dog !!

These guys are serious about hiding their bones.

Re: Dog driving to work

It doesn't get any better than this.

Re: Sun Room

Zoned as a perfect area to hide my bones. I'm concerned about the shovels that their leaning against.

Re: Deck Addition

These guys know what there doing. This spectator area is great.

Re: New Home Construction

Don't worry I was trained as a dog operator, I just keeping up my skills for I can lift my buddies up to high places for squirrels know were prepared and serious, there no escaping a good dog.

Re: Jobsite Boss

These guy's have lots of great tools, but I'm worried that they have forgot my dog stuff, it may be a long day.

Re: Driveway Gates

The gate's great, but a ride in the pickup would top the day off.

Re: Job-Site Dogs

Looks more like a playboy looking for entertainment.

Re: Old man einstein

I thought he was doing a solar site survey (warm sunny place while he was waiting for a plumber)