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Re: How to Sharpen A Chisel With Diamond Hones and a Honing Guide


I've largely given up on my DMT diamond plates because I've found that they just don't grind as effectively as fresh sandpaper. Of course, the sandpaper wears down quickly and needs to be replaced with a fresh sheet whereas the diamond plate doesn't wear down at all. But in terms of grinding action, I've found diamond plate a disappointment. Am I misinterpreting the grit rating system for diamond plate? Anyone else have a similar experience?

Re: Torture Test: Recip Saw Blades

I'd include sears/craftsman in your brand survey.

Re: Stanley Works Acquires Black & Decker

Whoops. Missed the correction on Skil.

Re: Stanley Works Acquires Black & Decker

Just repeating above comment that Skil is owned by Bosch. You might also throw Panasonic into the mix.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Isn't a downspout that dead-ends at the bottom of the foundation without some kind of diverter a code violation too?

Re: There's a Better Way: Large Drywall Patch

I agree with runnerguy - I like the tips, but these clips are produced almost for TV. They don't quite work for the internet. Dump the music and the title page - just get to the tip!