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Built in hutch

Built in hutch

This was a built in project I did for a client, my design to her specs.  The "hutch" replaces a fairly useless closet. She wanted bookcases on top and open storage underneith.  The 3...

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Re: How to Keep a Garage-Shop Toasty Warm

my two cents for my garage shop (which will NEVER!!!! have a car in it) is rigid foam with OSB over it. Its fairly inexpensive, gives me a thermal break should be fairly comfortable and it's also semi-permanet. If you planned it out right, you could remove sections where you needed to to put a car in if you absolutely had to. Stupid cars......

Re: Tablesaw Safety, Liability, and Common Sense on the Jobsite

Fantastic, so what's next? Humm, my plunge router stays running when I lift it off the piece I'm working on. If I'm dumb enough to rest it like this while it's running and get injured can I sue? How about my hammer manufacturer? As a kid, I hit my nail holding hand all the time, can I go after them now? And from SawStop, can I go after them when the safety mechanism trips for no "fleshy" reason? Kind of like the class action suit on the nail gun companies for intentional double firings?

Me, I like Mike Rowe's safety mantra, safety third.

Re: Answers About the EPA Lead Certification (RRP) Rule

Fantastic to see the money goes into the general treasury. I'm sure the folks on capital hill will spend it well.

Also great that they tout the low cost by completely ignoring the worst case and probably most important (in preventing lead poisoning) scenario. BRILLIANT!!!

Re: Ask the EPA About the New Lead Paint Remodeling Law

I have to say I am disappointed in FHB. The current (May) issue has 2 articles that showcase work that, based on the information provided in the article, should be performed using lead safe techniques. I don't see how you can repair a 100 year old porch with out assuming it has lead paint on it. The same goes for leaky, old wooden, double hung windows. Granted, the work was performed prior to the certification deadline but with all the mention of certification, you should have done better. This was an opportunity for you to walk the walk and show homeowners the way work NEEDS to be done to ensure compliance and most importantly, safety.

Re: Attention Contractors: Your Lead-Paint Certification Deadline is Approaching

I'm a one man show and work mostly in Rhode Island, some in Mass. RI has a state cert I just found out about in addition to the fed cert, so I am assuming I need both. On the state level there are 2 courses offered this year. Pretty sure the one this month is booked, the other is in December. The closest EPA certified training facility is an hour away but at least they have a few courses a month. In total, I'm looking at over $1200 in training and fees to be compliant. Where is that money supposed to come from? I'm sucking air thru a straw and my heads under water these days.

I understand the safety aspects around this issue, especially considering my location. Without it being tied to permitting or without a big push to educate the masses, I don't think customers are going to be willing to absorb the costs, especially in the current economic environment. What I see is those of us trying to do the right thing losing jobs to those who don't know or don't care.

Re: Where do you build cabinets?

I build them at home when I can. If I can keep on task and fit them in around other work, I feel I can be more efficient this way. Any project lag time (usually glue or finish drying) gets done while I'm sleeping or off at a job.

Re: Built in hutch

Thanks for the complement. The tall shelves are fixed, as she wanted them. On the entertainment ctr piece, they have shelf pins.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Like the idea a lot & did fairly well on the bathroom. Is that a mirror in the middle of the pic making it a one sink one toilet BR????