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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I have the collapsable Delta Stand (can't rememeber the number)with the Bosch 12" SCM. I absoulutely love the saw! I absolutley hate the stand! The most frustrating thing about this stand are the the height adjustments on the extension arms. The ALWAYS hang up, when you try to raise them to table height, and given the fact that the sag about an 1-1/2 at full extension they are practically useless. They slip and catch and stick making it virtually impossible to take into account the sag. YUK! In fact as I'm writing this I'm thinking I'm going to go home take my saw off the stand and sell it for a few buck on Craigs list!

My second complaint is about the hard rubber tires, put inflatable rubber tires on it....dropping off a curb, or over a root with that stands can be life threatenting:)