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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I think the requirements for a lumber saw and trim saw are sufficiently different that I would not try to make one stand for both task. The ideas here are for a trim saw.
1 - The stand must support molding up to 16' and assist the user in making accurate repeatable cuts.
2 - Durable. Can it take it when I throw my compressor on top of it or drop it?
3 - Portable, with fast setup
4 - The stand must have a surface for the small tools directly involved in marking or cutting molding.
5 - The stand should be flexible enough to work well for new build, remodel, indoor and outdoor situations.
6 - Having room for 2 saws would be nice.
Asking for things like cup holders or power strips does not help make accurate cuts, when one of these add-on items breaks it just becomes dead weight.
The wheeled stands are to big for me, having a saw cart that doubles as a miter saw stand is a lot of weight I don't need. I would start with the Dewalt style stand add wheels on one end, a small tool surface, longer arms, better work supports and a measuring tape with stop. A custom work support on one end that helps do coping would be nice.
I use a Fast Cap saw hood (and love it) but it is designed to attach to the saw so doesn't enter into this discussion.

Re: Titanium hammers up for grabs. Want one?

My days used to go; coffee, hammer, sandwich, hammer, beer.
Now they go; painkiller, coffee, hammer, sandwich, hammer, I'm home dear.
Looks like it's time to hang 14 ounces of titanium over my rear.

Will this thing still crush my thumb?