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Cricket? Whats a cricket?

Cricket? What's a cricket?

I was asked to inspect this roof before its sale. There was evidence of leaks on the inside ceiling, but the owner assured the buyer that they had just had a new roof installed to fix the problem...

Log Cabin Nightmare

Log Cabin Nightmare

Here is a great big black eye for the building trades. These photos are all from the same home that I inspected for the Homeowner. This is a Cape style, Log Cabin with half loft & half...

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Re: Do Building Codes Really Do Us Any Good?

Up here in northern VT you would be hard pressed to find a "contractor", and I use the term loosely, that will even dish out the $100 for the code book, let alone actually know what is in it. Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of quality builders around, but most of them were taught by an old school craftsman from years gone by, and they get by because the fundamentals of a quality house are, for the most part, still the same. The other 95% have little skill and no knowlege of the building code. Lucky for them we have no building code enforcement around here. This equates to a lot of substandard built homes.
I have to agree with Ed_AIA, mandatory building code education for anyone who is in control of the building of a home. We don't even have building inspections up here. If the state of VT doesn't enforce the code then the banking/mortgage companies should step up and require it.

Re: Log Cabin Nightmare

Welcome to my world JoeBeacon. I consistantly get labeled as the expensive builder in my area. I find myself constantly explaining the reasons that our homes are 10 to 15% more then the next guy. At the very least, every home should be inspected at rough framing and insulation /ventilation / air sealing. The homeowners should want it & the banks and insurance companies should require it.

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Where do I start. I am sure most of us have gone thru more stands than we can remember. Our most recent stands are a Port A Mate and a site built model.
Our site built stand uses Stanley's Fat Max sawhorses as the support with a 2x4 and ply top. I like large work surface of this stand, but could do without the weight. The adjustable leg feature of these sawhorses allows the user to adjust the height to his or her liking and to adjust to make this stand very stable on unevenm terrain. The Port A Mate features quick connect attachments so that we can mount different tools quickly and easily and the part that mounts to the tool still allows the tool to sit on the floor or another bench. Unfortunately, the Port A Mate ia a track style stand and doesn't have any space for materials or small tools nor does it have the torsional strength of our plywood topped stand.
The stability, portability and weight of a new stand would be my main concerns, but perks like a power bar, pencil sharpener, storage tray, and supports for long material would be incorporated if I was to design a new one.
I can't wait to see the design that you come up with. From the ideas that I am already seeing, this will be the "Ultimate Miter Stand".