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Re: Prediction 2010: Granite Countertops Are So Last Decade

I agree - I'm tired of granite. But mostly I'm tired of the choices people make - most granites that people select are just boring. And then there are the awful choices of back splashes they put in that in my mind, for the most part, detract from the granite. And then everyone oohs and awes about how beautiful it is! Really?
And how about all the home shows on TV and people walk into the kitchen - "oh, look at the beautiful granite counters" .....boring!

Think about how in Europe for years they have been using marble as well as granite and let it age. Marble at least, is so much more interesting than most granites.

In my kitchen I have a granite counter on my island which I don't really like, but I don't dislike it enough to change it, and then I have good old plastic laminate on the rest of the counters. This has been in my kitchen for about 18 years now and I have not ONCE treated the granite and it is perfectly fine - so no babying there!

And for thoses of you who dislike plastic laminate - look at some of the high end (and I don't mean Scavolini!)European kitchens that use plastic laminates - they are outstanding!

I work as an Interior Designer and do quite a few kitchens and quite frankly, there is no RIGHT answer - every kitchen and client is different - different lifestyle, different likes, different budgets. We're lucky to have so many choices!