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Re: The Counterintuitive Cladding

Great piece, Fernando. Lifecycle assessment is a very useful tool.

Re: My Friend Michael Standish

Great tribute, Andy. Nice that he's remembered so eloquently.

Re: Building the Best Affordable House: 10 tips for Getting the Most House for Your Money

Great list, Fernando. I've been pushing #'s 3, 4 & 5 particularly for years.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: The Builder's Briefcase

I also have a digital voice recorder, although most phones can do that now. Like to record thought, observations, measurements as I'm walking around inspecting. A touch-type circuit tester. Breath mints. Pocket knife. Graph paper.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: Strategic Thinking

Great post, Fernando - something we all need to spend more time thinking about.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: Homebuilder Resolutions--What Will Builders Do Differently in 2014?

Great list, Fernando, and humbled to be included in such august company. Even during this tough period, it's a very exciting time to be in the trades. The changes in technology, materials, our understanding of building science, and our ability to communicate with each other across time and space via the internet have all changed the business dramatically.

How it will all shake out remains to be seen, but most days I'm excited to be part of it all.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: You're Fired!

Great piece, Fernando. Fortunately the few people I've had to fire weren't terribly surprised and didn't sue. But I could use to tighten up.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: Getting Social With Guerrilla Marketing

I am a social media agnostic, Fernando. My business has a FB page, but I'm not convinced it does us much good. I guess it helps our visibility.

What I saw on some of the pages you link to (and esp. the Beazer homes) are people whose command of English is pretty crappy - grammatical mistakes, bad spelling, etc. That's both the people posting and, unfortunately, from whomever runs it for Beazer.

It obviously (or perhaps not so obviously) makes Beazer look bad for their public face to write poorly, but I also think having all these posts that barely make sense don't do their brand much good either.

Re: Self Taught MBA: Going to Where the Going is Good, Part 1

Great piece, Fernando. There are always underserved markets - not always easy to see them. Nor do we always feel like doing it, but that's the opportunity - figure out how to do the things other people (either your clients or your competitors) don't want to.

Re: The Self Taught MBA: Business and Strategic Planning, Part 1 - Best Laid Plans

Fernando - Edit FYI - I went searching for Business Planning - you've got Benshoof's name spelled wrong here. Ordered it from Builder Books - I'm a terrible planner and it's something I know I've needed to do for years. Thanks for the kick in pants.

Re: Self-Taught MBA: You Can't Be a Successful Builder Without Management Skills

Another good entry, Fernando - thanks. I've found having an office manager to be a critical piece in my business.

Re: The Self-Taught MBA

This is a great idea for a blog. For all of us who learned from Gerstel's book, our appreciation in advance for your contributions, Fernando. I hope all the young contractors who are debating how to proceed read this.