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former Computer genius, I finally decided to follow my passion and began doing carpentry and woodworking. Currently, doing doing carpentry/woodworking while attempting to find opportunity to teach underpriv youth in the skills of the trades. Not as much $$$ as doing computers, but I smile a lot more each day.

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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I use a Ridgid stand, one of the previous versions from the current. The best thing about it are the wheels. They are LARGE. I hate tool boxes and most other "portable" gizmos that put on dinky wheels. Never, except in a home shop, is the ground smooth, level, or easy to access. It never fails that the work requires I haul this stuff up stairs.

The wheels MUST be large enough to make it easier to navigate such gauntlets, especially when you have a big 12" saw mounted on the assembly. My Ridgid does that for me.