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Re: Use a Reciprocating-Saw Blade to Mark Circular Holes

That's a great tip!

Re: How to Safely and Easily Cut Shims from Scrap Wood

I knew about using tape to de-fuzz but not the method of doing it. Thanks for the tip!

Re: Build a Foolproof Jig For Cutting Laminate Countertops

That's a great solution to something that really has the potential to ruin your day.

Re: A Better Way to Fold a Tarp or Drop Cloth

a domestic thing made interesting - genius

Re: How to Make Spray-Can Caps Easier to Remove and Replace

Good unforgettable tip!

Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

I needed that last Thursday. Since I didn't know I had to settle for 2 p 10 which was ok but unfortunately showed a glue joint.

Re: Just Right @ 144 sq.ft.

That is a beautiful picture and inviting home!

Re: How To Stop Paint From Bleeding Under Masking Tape

We used this tip painting basement walls last month. We wanted a sharp line at the bottom of the walls and I remembered the extra detail of caulk along the edge - it worked great.

Re: How to Drill Level Holes In a Fence Post: Drill-Bit Plumb Bob

Practical and simple - thanks.