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Re: Opinion: Questions for the Man with the Big House

Mr Chase,
Do you think you should be praised for what you have done?!?
I find your home to be obnoxious and disgusting. Allan Greenberg? Who is is this guy? and who cares about his Richard H Driehaus award? If he designs homes such as yours, he should be put in jail.
Shame on you Mr Chase for justifying your excessive lifestyle through PV and geothermal. I have a novel idea... how bout a smaller home?

and to Mr Tusat....
Just because we live in a capitalistic society doesn't give us the right to rape the planet. Call me a hippy... call me a communist... at least Im not greedy, self-centered, materialist, and superficial.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Uh, the metal drip edge should be installed UNDERNEATH the self-adhered underlayment....