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Re: How to Make a Custom Tool-Pouch Organizer

The video hyperlink is not coming up....

Re: UPDATE: Mike Rowe testifies before Senate

Also, Mike Rowe .... if I ever get to meet you in person, I would consider it a very great honor! You ARE a great person, who is a inspiration to me and many, the world is a better place with you on it.

Re: UPDATE: Mike Rowe testifies before Senate

Many of those of "higher" education feel they are so important to the world that they deserve "high pay", "great benefits", etc. In other words, the best the world has to offer because they went to University and they work harder than everyone else. I learned a long time ago that we ALL work just as hard as everyone else, and it's the quiet ones who work the hardest, they haven't the time to yap about it.

Answer this who would you rather have in your house a Psychologist to talk about how you feel about your plugged toilet, or someone like a plumber who can actually fix it? At that moment "who" is worth more? Shouldn't we all be paid the same? Why do people bitch about the cost of a plumber at $80.00 per hour and yet turn around and spend $300.00 per hour and think it's worth it for a shrink who really does absolutely nothing but sit and listen?

And we, as a society, wonder why we don't have tradespeople!

...and you had to buy the gas to see the shrink, the plumber came to you, he bought the gas! Honestly now, which is the better deal?

Re: Are Modern Power Tools Junk?

By the way... Just because it has a "lifetime "warranty does not make it better, when it spends all the time you want to use it at the repair shop waiting to be fixed, or waiting for a new battery to replace the one on warranty. Sorry rigid, it's gone limp!

Re: Are Modern Power Tools Junk?

I use many different tools on a daily basis and have for years. I find the "new" tools, meanig those bought over the last few years, look fine but are of lower quality inside, brand does not seem to matter. A Makita circular saw I bought in 1978 is still working, the one I bought a couple of years just like it, well it's long gone to the heaven of saws.
As I understand it, much of the tools and parts that make up the tools are now made in China, because to keep up with the low prices that "everyone" wants, manufacturers have to make them cheaper, so jobs are lost in north america, and then we don't have the money to buy the better stuff, so they have to make them cheaper, and the circle goes 'round and will keep going 'round until we are the cheap third world labor and the chinese are buying the good stuff because they have all the jobs, and we are dirt poor willing to do anything for enough to buy a bowl of rice.

As for the tools, the new ones ARE crap! Blame yourselves! .... at least if you keep buying the crap! Demand something better, Demand quality and be willing to pay for it, buy North American!

Re: Call for Bloggers: Write for Us

This is not a full thought, but sort of a basic idea that needs more ... how about a spot for the "wannabe" a handyman to ask a "professional" handyman a question. I've been the "jack of all trades" now for (my gawd, I can't believe it!) over thirty years. I get many questions to answer the simple stuff, which unfortunatley the average "kid" at the local "building supply / hardware" can't answer. I figure anyone can post a question, and anyone can post a answer. But refine and specify each blog to a apecific area, as in one for plumbing, one for framing, one for concrete etc. I would expect in a very short time you'd have a pretty good "do it yourself" resource.

Re: Who cuts drywall with a circular saw?

Let's see how many ways "CAN" we wreck a circular saw??? My crews over the years have found many interesting ways. The number one has to be a drop, from a roof, scaffold etc. Number two, cutting into concrete, rock etc. One on my favorites, which luckily I might add didn't hurt anyone, (except pride)was the day "someone" ran the saw through a 220VAC line ... Yee Haw, ... fireworks! Thank god for electrical Breakers!

Can't say any the guys dreamed up cutting drywall. I don't even like using the recip through drywall on renos! Circular saw for drywall, are you nuts???

....Next thing you know, they'll be allowing drywall dust damage on the warranty for vacuums! When did you say hell was freezing over?

Re: The no-swear approach to cutting crown molding

I picked a smaller version at Lee Valley tools, "cheaper" but very good. It also works very well for setting precise angles on the saw blade (table and mitre), it comes in very handy for all sorts of things. It's one of those kinds of tools that your not sure you'll ever need, then wonder why you didn't buy one sooner!