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Re: How To Temporarily Tack Up Trim with a Nail Gun

Your tips are good, as usual, but do we have to be assaulted by loud car commercials?

Re: Remodeler's shop layout: designing for workflow and flexibility

I just watched the videos on airtight drywall and I'm left with two questions.

All well and good to caulk every stud but what has happened to the need for vapor barrier? Am I that far out of touch?

Since this Is a shop why would you not line the walls with 1/2" plywood before the drywall so that cupboards, shelves, hooks, etc could be fastened any where they are needed/wanted. Now you are restricted to searching for studs every time you want to hang something - poor planning to my mind.

Re: Hidden Giant Medicine Cabinet

Nicely done but not very practical in my view. Opening these mirrored doors means the operator would have to take a step back to avoid being hit by their leading edge.
A three door mirror system over each sink would provide just as much storage plus offer the lady of the home, presuming there is one, great views for fixing her hair, etc.

Re: A Faster Way to Install Eye Screws

Great tip Chuck but I agree that large spinning hook is extremely dangerous. You and I look to be the same age and we have been able to keep all our digits, etc. by spotting the inherent dangers of attachments like this. Imagine someone leaving that drill setup on the bench and getting into the hands of a kid!
I will use this technique in the future but will buy an extra eye bolt and spread the loop just wide enough to allow it to hook into the eye of the eye bolt being driven.

Re: Framing Basics: 3 Tips for Laying Out Wall Plates

Some good tips guys. Didn't know Willie Nelson worked as a framer in the off-season!