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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Not having a shop has made me appreciate specific requirements like portability, accessibility and taking up as little of the valuable floor space as possible. My current stand is an upright gravity stand with a standard miter saw with limited bells and whistles.

You were right the new saw looks very appealing but is it a one man saw. Perhaps I should quantify that as a normal one man saw.. As I am not Paul Bunyon I need a stand the can be moved around in tight corners and if the need arise be loaded into the back of a truck by myself and a lovely wife. And most of all be raised and positioned without back strains.

Certainly the number of required pull ups, pull outs and extensions needs to be limited but they also should not shake, shimmy or force me utilize a hand for other than a controlled cut.

It should not have sharp corners of little widgets that get caught on my clothes or twist my fingers, tear at my forearms or just plain make my day a bad one.

The rollers and extension slides need to be made so that the Florida weather will not rust them causing me much down time when I go to roll this baby out...Also if your going to put numbers or markings on the stand make them readable and non peeling.

For any adjustments requiring the unloosening or tightening of handles, twist nuts and or other various methods of securing they should be quick and not require a lot of wrist bending or body contorting

The assembly needs a good finish to limit the clean up and when you build it please let me know I may want one....