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Green-Champagne Taste on a Light-Beer Budget

Green-Champagne Taste on a Light-Beer Budget

Green-Champagne Taste on a Light-Beer Budget Two full time jobs. Little cash. And grand plans to make a drafty, 1941 fake-colonial a green gem in a gorgeous tree-lined neighborhood.  What started...

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Re: Board-and-batten reborn

The author notes, "Because the battens are intended to be nailed to the studs, the spacing of a home's framing can influence the board-and-batten pattern. Architect Matthew Swett, whose project is among those featured here, points out that this can trip up the aesthetics. Spacing battens 16 in. apart (the customary distance between studs) looks a bit wide to him. He believes that battens look better placed about 12 in. apart, but that method requires blocking or other, less optimal workarounds."

Wouldn't a simple workaround be to make fake boards and battens by using a plywood sheathing of some sort and nailing the boards to the sheathing rather than the studs? This would allow narrower spacing, bringing the look without worrying about the blocking.

Re: Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms, and the Hardware that makes it possible!

For the Powder Room tucked under the stairs on a 1940's house, what panel material are you using? The panels appear to extend the full length from floor to ceiling and appear to be segmented panels. Not sure what material though and whether or not they are pre-sized and cut panels.