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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

I use a 12 inch DeWalt Miter saw and DeWalt's stand. To the stand I have added two additional lumber supports/stops so that one can live at the end of the extension and the other on the body on each side-great for casing and other applications with short and long pieces.

That said I need to build a cart with wings for my saw-a place for the compressor to live and caddies for all the guns and bits and such. When doing trim in a commercial setting (condos, medical office buildings, etc) there is a lot of moving around.

To get in and out of elevators, doors and all it should be while collapsed about 2'x3' maybe a touch longer and perhaps a bit narrower. Outfeed tables like the rigid flip top can be used for really long pieces but I think with wings it should be able to handle an 8' stick on either side.

For portability my ultimate miter stand needs to collapse. It will likely be built from two boxes with holes on top and those easy glide pads on their bottoms to allign them up; the bottom being a dolly with wheels big enough to roll over baloney cords. It should also have a high amp power strip mounted and one or two goose neck lamps.

Look forward to the article.