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Re: Debris Shield for Drywall Dust

Wow! great idea, wonder if my husband would miss his basketball?

Re: Keep Nails and Screws Off of the Floor with a Tool-belt Caddy

Love it! so simple, yet so effective. A company I installed doors for had a "no tool belts in the house" rule just to prevent tools and nails from spilling out onto expensive floors. Thank you!

Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

April Fools! Better than my husband telling me that he got a job across the country and we're moving!...Even if it were possible, would be cheaper just to buy a new piece of wood(unless it's from some rare tree in the middle of the Congo that's illegal to import anyway)Looks like wallpaper paste. Don't buy any used cars from Chuck!! :)

Re: How to Stop The Ladder on Your Truck From Whistling

Great tips...although the second one won't work with lumber rack on my truck. I'd like to make a request tho...although Chuck is "folksy" and knowledgeable, I'd like to see a cute young guy demonstrate some of these things! :D
Thanks, Jen (25 year Carpenter, mom and grandmom)

Re: Senco's New Hoseless Trim Nailer is a Game Changer

This is amazing! I have the old type battery Senco finishing nailer, as well as the Paslode cordless framer and brad nailer, (got spoiled when the other guys on the crew were using them) and the cartridges are pretty expensive. I would love to get one of these, as soon as contractors in California stop hiring illegals to do carpentry, and start hiring American citizens again. Then I will be able to afford it!

Re: Another Way to Cross Cut 2x4s

Uh-uh, not going for it. Not even with a brand spankin new Marathon blade...
How'd they do the sparks, tho?

Re: Tape Measure Techniques You Won't Learn in Fine Homebuilding

Love it! What kind of tape is he using? Are these guys practicing during their lunch hour? Where's the PM? or is the guy with the tape the PM? a video even a non-carp can enjoy!

Re: Crown Molding: Mitering vs. Coping. Which Do You Do?

Miter for paint grade, cope for stain.
Mitering even works with a sloped ceiling, if you make a few trial cuts with a couple of scrap pieces to get the correct angles.