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Re: What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Hey, it would be nice if FHB would write a filter to delete some of this comment spam...

John 316

Re: Cutting Corners: Arches and Pocket Doors

Excellent post! Keep it coming - I really like finding out how to do arches the right way!

Thanks! J

Re: Ready or Not

My personal opinion as to why homeowners are slow to use the energy effecient ideas is that they are almost always more to significantly more expensive at build. And a lot of the upgrades seem that they lilewise can take a while to pay back initial expense. I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if the insulation in one of the passiv haus setup is one of the highest amount paid in construction. Please don't get me wrong. I really like to learn about energy efficiency and work very hard when doing business to perform the highest form of efficiency that is available to me. I am just providing a possible explanation in response to your post above.

The biggest thing for Americans to learn with houses is that bigger is not better. You can build a 1200 sqft house with 20 to 30 r in the walls and more in the ceiling and design the house for and install a wood burner and then you have eliminated the need for almost any forced air heating and depending on the stove, you can run water through it to heat it.

Re: Video: Shim-Cutting Jig for the Tablesaw

Nice idea! I am going to go build one for myself.

Thanks - J

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

You all did a great job on this one. A good challenge!

Re: Heavy Timber Cross-Gables & Lantern-Tower

Incredible! Great work on an excellent job.

Re: Shingle Style with Tower

Incredible! Great work!

Re: Expandable Cantilevered Knock-Down Drying Rack

Excellent idea! Sure beats 1x2s screwed to upright 2x4s!

Re: Build a Shed: LIVE!

Hi, again :),

I just watched one of yesterdays interviews, and found out why no piers... I understand that.


Re: Build a Shed: LIVE!


I have also enjoyed watching this series. One comment, though, as some hopefully constructive critisicm. As I have watched, one thing that has caught my eye a number of times is comments about saving money on xyz. Absolutely in the real world this is something that is dealt with day in and day out. But, I am wondering if on this website, Fine Homebuilding, things should be more focused on building a better (finer) and stronger product, and not as MUCH about cost, although there still is a balance.

For example, not pouring piers for the shed. Ok, the cinder blocks are acceptable, but it seems like doing something well, would no doubt be to sink four piers. The shed would not go anywhere. Also, discussions about 16oc vs. 24oc. Is budget really that tight? Viewers can scale back the example that they see you set for budget purposes, but I would think that they would scale up what they see you build.

IMHO, it seems on this website, you should encourage people to build over and above code specs, for a more solid end product. And, saying this, I know that what you are building is not going to fall apart.

Just my $0.02.

Re: Build a Shed: LIVE!

Ahhh - ok. Thanks!

Re: Build a Shed: LIVE!

I'm curious - why aren't they using pneumatic nailers?


Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"


I just wanted to let you know that I think that you are on to a good idea, but I think that some improvements would be helpful.

First, the picture is too small. I have great eyesight, and I had to strain to figure out/look for the problems (I am a web developer, and know that you can right-click and choose the zoom-in menu item). Second, some of the errors are poorly implemented (the guy is working on the stud next to the one that is missing, so that is probably the next one that he is going to put in, and besides, you can see the rest of the stud below his ladder). The third leg of the ladder missing - who would probably ever get on a ladder that has that problem, and besides, it is just Photoshoped out? The lower plate missing under the wall - that is extremely hard to spot because of the way that the shadows are.

Otherwise, the other items are reasonable, IMHO.