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Re: DeWalt Enters the Box Level Market....But Why?

All of these box level designs seem to be boasting "tougher and more accurate", while they don't seem to address the issues for cabinet installers and finish carpenters - visibility in dark, shadowy, awkward spaces, and the ability to strike an accurate line along a continuous edge not broken by the vial aperture. Empire and other manufacturers use a chamfered edge to strengthen the box design. I had an Empire for a while as a handy, job site level, but sold it because I couldn't see the blue vial under many light conditions and the chambered edge made striking an accurate line nearly impossible.

Festool and Stabila teamed up briefly to put out an installers level, and while the review is still up on Gary Katz's website, I've not seen it on the market.

Maybe DeWalt can help Empire get it right.

Re: Ice Dams, Can Lights, Wet Walls, and Water Damage

Damn glad I live in Hawaii! Lived in New Hampshire for six years. Re-roofed and roof-raked regularly all winter long after our first ice damnnnnnn! when we were unfamiliar with the house.

Thanks for finally explaining it all.

BTW - metal roofing out this way costs about 4-5 times what even a high-tech, Energy Star composition roof costs. Could have something to do with why you don't see too many of them, except on high-end custom homes.


Thanks - we are adopting a big 2-year old standard poodle, and were thinking we'd be alone with a poodle in the truck at the lumber yard.

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Scott King wrote an article in FHB Feb/Mar 1991 on a movable table for a chopsaw that is the basis for my own configuration. We share a similar environment - the tropics. No way I can leave a saw setup on a stand where I live just off the windward coast, on a waterway with trades blowing steady into my garage/shop. The box works very well for storage and as a base for my miter saw. Minor adaptations have been made to fit my Makita 10", and I've adapted the saw base to fit a Triton SuperJaws for deck work on rough ground.

Re: Torture Test: Recip Saw Blades

Long blade rigidity. Nothing torques me off more than a blade that bends during a cut in dimension lumber, for instance cutting end nails from rafters and joists.