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Hawaii Condo Kitchen

Hawaii Condo Kitchen

Hawaii townhouse condo kitchen completely gutted and remodeled as part of a whole house renovation by the homeowner. 

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Re: Ice Dams, Can Lights, Wet Walls, and Water Damage

Damn glad I live in Hawaii! Lived in New Hampshire for six years. Re-roofed and roof-raked regularly all winter long after our first ice damnnnnnn! when we were unfamiliar with the house.

Thanks for finally explaining it all.

BTW - metal roofing out this way costs about 4-5 times what even a high-tech, Energy Star composition roof costs. Could have something to do with why you don't see too many of them, except on high-end custom homes.


Thanks - we are adopting a big 2-year old standard poodle, and were thinking we'd be alone with a poodle in the truck at the lumber yard.

Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

Scott King wrote an article in FHB Feb/Mar 1991 on a movable table for a chopsaw that is the basis for my own configuration. We share a similar environment - the tropics. No way I can leave a saw setup on a stand where I live just off the windward coast, on a waterway with trades blowing steady into my garage/shop. The box works very well for storage and as a base for my miter saw. Minor adaptations have been made to fit my Makita 10", and I've adapted the saw base to fit a Triton SuperJaws for deck work on rough ground.

Re: Torture Test: Recip Saw Blades

Long blade rigidity. Nothing torques me off more than a blade that bends during a cut in dimension lumber, for instance cutting end nails from rafters and joists.