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Stair Tread Code checking canine.

Stair Tread Code checking canine.

11 inch tread depth is just enough for this 60 lb Border Collie to snooze in place while electrical is being done.

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Re: CREE's New Linear LED Fixture Review SL24 & SL40

Any price range info ?
I appreciate your info about the quality of the light. Thanks for the heads up on this new LED option. I love how energy efficienct LED are !

Re: Young Welsh Couple Ordered to Tear Down 'Hobbit House'

I was asked to look at three houses for sale that a person was interested in buying that were listed for a very reasonable amount. I did the standard document check for title, property lines, water, easements, sewer and immediately found a statement on the legal description of each lot stating the home was built without permits and with sub-standard construction practices. Stating structures could not be inhabited or rented until building permits were filed and work was approved by the local building department. I thought that was a pretty clear statement in an obvious place for anyone looking to purchase the homes and willing to accept the deferred responsibility, process and cost that previous owners dodged, as well as releasing the local building dept. from liability.

I have also been involved in completed natural building structures that were lacking necessary engineering. After finding an engineer to do the analysis, with stamped calculations and structural plans, the new plans were submitted, required reinforcement installed, inspected,signed off, and a legal occupancy permit was provided.

I say - Give the fellow a chance to correct any mistakes, instead of creating waste and a homeless young family !

If it's just about looks... I don't see any neighbors around, and plenty of permitted homes would fail the "pleasant aesthetics test"! Some well placed, fast growing, hedges and trees would create a visual screen - if looks are the issue.

Re: Will Double Stud Wall Construction Bring Efficiency at a Modest Cost?

A important article to read on Building Science Corp. RR-0903 High R Value Walls where 12 different test walls were studied.
Of key importance is where does the dew point occur in a wall.
Ponder that with sheathing faced double studs walls of extra thick insulation...

Re: Sorting Out Options for Whole-House Ventilation

Great tip.
Just looked up the FanTech model and it's good for 1400 sq.ft.
If the above mentioned home is say 2800 sq. ft. - could two Fantech's be used?

Re: Air Sealing with Owens Corning's new Energy Complete system

So how DID the blower door test go ? and what was the cost/budget for the project (spray foam can be pricey and you used quite a bit of it?
What's the cost of the latex sealing material per ft?
Nice job optimizing types for specific needs!