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Re: Using pneumatic nailers

The guy in the pic isn't wearing safety glasses. In fact, I've never, ever seen a roofer wearing safety glasses...

Re: Stop Drafts With a Homemade Door Sweep

This is the kind of creative engineering that I like! Looks difficult to trim or install the strip to match a whacked floor though. Any tips on how you do that?

Re: How To Save a Miscut Board From the Scrap Bin

You clearly state that the board stretcher (we prefer the Dumbfix brand)will allow up to 20% increase in length but you increased that board 25%. That's a code violation...

Re: Tool-Test Preview: Compact Compressors

Looking at the specs of the compressors in the review, the Bostitch is listed as 23.5lbs and offers 2.8cfm @ 90psi. Is that accurate? If so it would be about triple the cfm that others in that weight range offer.

Re: Tool-Test Preview: Compact Compressors

Maybe a couple of years ago you ran a compressor test and it wasn't very clear on decibel levels of the compressors but it was clear from comments that that was an important factor. Are you able to get some accurate db data for the compressors in this review?

Re: Prevent Pneumatic-Nailer Blowouts When Installing Trim

Also important to note that hand driven nails have a "pointy" end and a "head" end. The pointy end goes toward the wood!

Re: Bosch redefines sliding miter saw category with new "glider" system

Looks cool doesn't matter much, I've already got that covered!
I'm more interested in weight, size and decibel levels. Nice that it cuts 14" across, but if that adds a lot of bulk/weight I'd rather see the same saw in a 10" model that's smaller and lighter.
Looking forward to the review!

Re: In search of a quiet air compressor

ronaldsauve, That's interesting, I too have the Prime Source dual tank. It's a PAC 2000 and I've used it for years but it's showing it's age and I have to baby it to get it to run on colder days.

I certainly could use lighter but I'm leary of the 1.7 cfm of the Thomas. The fact that it's rated for continuous run is impressive.

I agree, there's a big difference between 69 and 80 db. How does the Thomas compare to the Prime Air noise-wise?

Re: In search of a quiet air compressor

I'd like to hear from someone who has tried the Rol-air FC1250LS3. There's some confusion on the Rol-air site as to exact specs but I have an email from a Rol-air manager that tells me it's 45lbs, CFM Delivered is 2.9 @ 100 PSI and I think I remember the db level being 73.

The Makita 700 looks good but it's a little heavier and louder than I think I need.

The Thomas is nice and light but for me 1.7 delivered CFM is just too little and twice the price is too much....


Re: Stop Burning Money and Walk Away From Your Mortgage

I think PayingMyMortgage (and others) have it right. The speculating homeowners weren't the only ones who made bad business decisions, the banks were right there with them. What I do think is immoral is how the rest of us taxpayers who didn't make irresponsible bets are paying for the mess.

So; Yes, it's OK for an underwater homeowner to walk away from his/her mortgage and let the banks take part of the hit. It's just not right that taxpayers then bail out the banks.

Re: Torture Test: Recip Saw Blades

It would be very useful to mix in a number of lower cost blades and include the price consideration in the test.

I bought a handfull of Magna blades via Ebay a year or more ago. They hold up surprisingly well for a cheap blade. I'd buy them again over the expensive Lennox, Bosch, Milwaukee, etc.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

I just tried this game for the first time with the "plumbing from hell". I was surprised about the "hot water heater" needing to be plugged in....I always thought the redundant "hot water heater" was a home-owner term! :-)

Re: Online Classifieds for Contractors

What's the point of duplicating what Craigslist already does well?

Re: Fein MultiMaster patent has expired...competitors on the move

Doesnt look like just the right tool with the right price with the right priced non-proprietary blades is out there yet. Maybe Ridgid with their lifetime warranty will be the one. For now I'll buy one of the cheapies or just wait it out.

Re: An Efficient Way to Paint Doors

Good tip! The video tip might work a bit smoother but I'm much more likely to take the time to put your simpler tip into action. A centered screw could be added on both ends too to gain the ability to turn the doors vertically to take up less room as they dry.
I like it!

Re: 16-g. Nailer Giveaway

I count 16 nailers and probably 17 features but it's hard to tell how you want to separate the features out from one another for a count...
He picked the Bostich as his favorite and you know what...I do too!