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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Nice basic electrical check, but there appears a single #12/2 romex coming into the panel in the upper left side, just below the black NM wire, with a large cable clamp, leaving the wire not properly secured. I also agree with others that noted that the romex on the right side of the panel isn't properly attached within 12" of the panel, another code violation.

Further, the Canadian comment about using wall board (Gypsum) to mount an electrical panel to, makes no sense at all, as the wall board would absorb moisture from the direct contact with the concrete foundation wall and degrade quickly, falling apart. The plywood backer should be PT type and at least 1/2" thick.

Lastly, the panel box doesn't appear to be bonded with a green bonding screw at the neutral bar, if req'd by local code. Frankly, it is one messy looking and crowded panel and could have been better "dressed out" to make any future service work easier to undertake. A sloppy panel makes me wonder what other "short cuts" were taken on this project.