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Re: Revealed: Who's Behind Those Superhuman Job-Site Videos

Yeah, I don't want to know about the German hammer guy either. No Santa AND no Fat Max Xtreme tape measure dude is enough of a disappointment! I for one think that any carpenter worth his salt should, at the very minimal, be able to sling and holster a hammer with style, make a hand saw sing and shoot a beer can at 10 paces with a framing nailer.

Mike G., keep up the good work!

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Fun game, I managed a perfect score the second time 'round! First time I missed the 2x4 bottom plate and the sill cripple. Next time I'll use the zoom option - Thanks "John316" !
I got the guy at the tippy top of the ladder first thing as this is an extremely familiar situation to me....25 years, several times a week, each and every time thinkin', "THIS IS WRONG!" I'll probably be back up there again today...

Is a triple top plate an actual code violation or just a waste of time and material?

Re: Craziest Shingle Tear-Off Method Ever?

Sweet! I wouldn't worry about the stress to the framing as I see he has the touch and is leaving the roofing felt unscathed. I have seen skilled track hoe/excavator operators perform similar "delicate" operations. Love it!