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Re: How to Make Precision Cuts With Your Chop Saw

Or you could use the DeWalt laser sight built in to the saw, which projects the kerf onto the workpiece. The blue tape looks to be better in bright sunlight, though.

Re: How to Choose and Mix Setting Type Joint Compound

Does mixing with hard vs soft water make any difference?

Re: Reader Poll: Do you still use a corded drill?

It wouldn't be that hard to build an AC-to-DC converter into a battery-pack-sized module; in fact, I'm somewhat surprised that no 3rd-party has done it. But if you continually ran the cordless tool at corded-tool loads, it wouldn't last very long. It's not just a matter of the power surce -- it's bearings and, most important, I suspect, the tool's ability to dissipate the heat generated by the high power consumption. All that beefiness adds weight, negating one of the positive aspects of most cordless tools.

The good news is that the new breed of lithium-ion batteries last a lot longer and are a lot lighter than their NiCad predecessors. My tiny lttle Milwaukee 12V drill is probably my most-used tool now, but I'll never give up it's 1/2" corded D-handle big brother.

An unintended consequence of the more powerful cordless tools is their use in crime. A neighbor of mine had his gazillion-dollar gun safe sawed open by an (assumed) battery-powered demolition saw recently, and it doesn't take much imagination to come up with other uses. It's a lot faster to saw a nice big hole in a car door than to use a slim jim.

Re: Super Glue on Steroids

Indeed it is wonderful stuff. I use it for just about all trim joints -- case, base, crown, anything. Be aware, though, that any unused adhesive will become hard as a rock in the bottle, once opened, so buy small bottles, and only what you can use in the near future. Sorry I can't provide accurate timing, but usable life is definitely is less than a year.