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Re: Can You Add Rigid-Foam Insulation On the Inside of a Wall?

above are 3 websites NOT to visit -

I don't like the idea of 1/2 drywall that is only held up by long screws having essentially an inch of air between the plywood and anything solid. It might hold for a while, but the screws holding the cabinets will eventually loosen. He'll be lucky of the whole wall doesn't shift. Screws and nails are very poor fasteners in shear.

Re: Who Pays for Mistakes in a Time and Materials Contract?

I can't bring myself to vote for any of those choices. The fact remains - it's always a negotiation. If the builder is honorable he/she will own up to clear mistakes. But, many mistakes are the result of honest mis-understandings. As the project owner, you owe it to your builder to be clear. When mistakes happen sometimes there's a middle ground that will save you both time and money. Example: My builder knew I wanted the window centered on the wall. But a sloping roof had created the need for slant ceiling and a kneewall on one side. But in centering the window he forgot about the kneewall. Ooops. We talked about what to do. My builder was the kind of guy who would have fixed it, but in the end we decided to simply make the window smaller. It was pretty wide and by making it narrower we could get it just about centered without major reconstruction. Win-win.

Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

Yes, the travelers need to be switched or the 3-way will not work. That is, if the red is on the left on switch A, then it should be on the right on switch B.