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Re: 2009 Deck Code Changes - Pay Attention!

Excellent discussion! Though I was aware of the 2009 IRC prescriptive design for deck attachment for lateral loads, there were some aspects that I didn't recognize until I read through all this discussion. (Great suggestion on the Simpson LTP4/LTP5/A34/A35 Framing Angles by KFC!)

Mike, in your first comment (back on May 29), you wrote "As far as I can tell the other major player in metal connectors (USP) isn't putting out any specialty deck brackets for post or ledger or deck to house connections. SO Simpson owns the market and can charge whatever they want for the DTT2Z brackets - and we have to use them. " However your main article lists the USP DTB-TZ as a competing bracket. I assume you edited the article after the original comments due to a newly released USP bracket?

I was glad to see the discussion of the Maine Deck Bracket(MDB) in conjunction with the lateral load brackets. I am working on a design to use the MDB bolted through the rim joist with a USP DTB-TZ or Simpson DTT2Z sharing one of the MDB bolts on the inside of the rim joist. The DTB-TZ or DTT2Z will provide lateral load support by connecting to an adjacent floor joist. An additional DTB-TZ will be needed on the deck side to prevent the deck from separating from the ledger.

It would be much easier for me to just install a pair of DTT2Z with threaded rod a shown in the above diagram and discussed in your quote from the Simpson Strongtie engineer. However, the reason for going to the MDB in the first place is significantly improved waterproofing. I'm trying to avoid the DTT2Z threaded rod penetration. This penetration will violate every layer of water resistance I've worked so hard to employ (chiefly, the siding and house wrap but also the Avantec sheathing).

I believe this will meet the intent of the lateral support code, though I'm not sure if I'm missing some aspect and of course don't know if it will pass local building official interpretation. Any opinions?

Re: Torture Test: Recip Saw Blades

Hi Justin-

Sounds like a great test that will really help out a lot of builders. Has the test been completed? Where are the results posted? By the way, I would argue that metal-cutting is a significant part of demolition rather than a separate category. As others posted with their examples, a systematic demolition often requires you to cut a lot of (metal) nails.