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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

The 3 way switch was good. The only thing I noticed extra was labeling the lamp HOT and neutral. It should be Switch leg not hot. This fixture is a keyless(trade name and is typically Plastic or porcilin. When you see a metal housed fixture ground it also.

Re: Who Do You Blame for Your Energy Lemon?

mattedminster writes: alex wilson, have you ever actually built anything yourself ?????? your resume as writer, green advisor, ect

So what you are saying is to write an article like this you have to build something. What about the people buying these homes? I think a little common sense and some research has produced a good article. I have seen the residential housing industry first hand and walls get a framing inspection and rough mechanical inspections then hopefully someone insulates properly before the drywall crew covers it up, never to be seen again. The least expensive way to be energy efficient is insulation but only if it is done the correct way. Someone independent of the builder needs to get a close look before it is covered up and it should be tested after the drywall is up and the first coat of tape is on.

Re: Code-change alert: Fire sprinklers in all new homes

To the builders that have a lot of frozen pipes, find a new job. My view on sprinklers is not about the builders wanting to build cheap and maintain a higher profit margin. It's about people who live in the house. I have two houses near me where a single mother lives there one with two small children the other with three. I believe the father is away on military duty but to the point she did not build the house they live in and is not savvy enough to know the difference between a well built safe house from any other house. If there were ever a fire the options of just jumping out the window and doing everything it takes to get the kids out is real.
My niece takes care of a handicap person that needs 24hr. care. He cannot get out of bed without help, much less get out of the house during a fire. Are these the "stupid" people you are referring to? Mike blamed the fireman, the people who probably have run into buildings on fire a few more times than most builders opposing this change.
For the broken off sprinkler heads, they make pop out type that are recessed and are very clean looking. So get off the Kool-Aid drinking socialism soap box and build something better and safer for the people buying the houses remember them your customer.