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Builder/Remodeler for 30 years, FHB contributing editor for 14 yrs. Presents hands-on seminars at JLC LIVE shows and other trade shows across the country.

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How to Trim a Hollow-Core Door to Height

How to Trim a Hollow-Core Door to Height

Builder Rick Arnold demonstrates how to make a clean cut and how to add blocking to fill the hole you've just made in the bottom of the hollow door.

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Re: Build a Shed: LIVE!

Wheezer, come on down and man the live feed camera. I agree with some of the complaints about the distant fixed shot. Having a mobile camera move around the set would be much more entertaining, in more ways than one.

Luke, better looking actors? You mean I shouldn't quit my day job? Hopefully tomorrow (Wed.) they're going to let us get some production done on the remaining 3 walls and roof, of course it's supposed to rain so we'll see what happens.

Woodless, We "are" statues standing around waiting.
I don't think we've done anything of significance off camera, maybe cut a few boards, maybe there's a problem with the feed.

Falsedawn, We answered your questions, along with a few others, on the end of the day wrap up which the boys should be posting this evening while they are sitting in the hotel room with nothing else to do.

Thanks all for your comments and participation, it sure is a new experience for me. It keeps me a little out of my comfort zone and on my toes all day. I suspect that some who tune in also watch car racing for the same reason, they're waiting for the crash.

Rick A

Re: 16-g. Nailer Giveaway

Does this mean I have give up the Milwaukee nailer?

One final question, which nailer gave me a blood blister beneath my fingernail that took 6 months to grow out?