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Re: Online Reviews Can Hurt Contractors and Homeowners

While it is sad to think that dutiful, reliable and conscientious contractors are having their businesses affected by bad reviews, the even sadder truth is ..... THERE ARE A LOT OF VERY BAD CONTRACTORS OUT THERE !!!!

Unfortunately, there are more bad contractors then there are good. Having been ripped off by poor work, work not completed and yes theft of thousands of dollars worth of tools over the years, the only remedy I have been able to come up with is to never leave the contractor alone on the job site. I constantly oversee what they are doing and saddly usually know more about codes, safety and the best and most eeficient way to do things then they do.

The sub-par contractors hate me and usually walk off the job. The ones that are up to the challenge are great to work with, welcome the company and are more than happy to impart their knowledge.

So listen up contractors ..... don't want bad reviews, learn how to do the job before you hang out your shingle !!