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Re: Play Fine Homebuilding's Game "The Inspector"

1- having crawl space at all!
2- having a MAC !! what gives ?? THis won't work.

Re: Opinion: Questions for the Man with the Big House

Well. . . somebody touched a nerve! If I could - I too would live I what I could afford>

This is America and Achievers are what makes this place great. I have done work in CT on homes that are much too big, expansive, expensive with rooms of unknown use. Good for these people who kept me employed and allowed me to use talents otherwise wasted.

At the begining of the 1900's an ancestor builta dream house with industrial revolution money. Imported tiles, things from the Vaticanand looted from down on their luck Europeans who longed for the commerce. It quickly became a nunnery or girls school and the money we could have beentaxed on as inheritance was given away as charity. Life is wonderful that way. I never deserved better than I have worked for or earned.

But the article is funny. Given that Global Warming and Climate Change are now so thoroughly discredited, can't we go back to living OUR dreams as individuals rather than the dreams of the Commons?

I just bought a house in Santa Fe NM and will take the state subsidy for solar heating my radiant heated floor!!