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Re: UPDATE: Ultimate Miter-Saw Stand -- And the Winner is...

What I want are 2 lights on goose necks or similar, since I'm not a fan of lasers alone, a connection for my compressor to a onboard blow gun so I can keep the work area clear of debris, and a switched outlet for the shop vac that connects to a FULL SIZED dust port/hood assmebly that swivels with the table would also be good. Not too much to ask, really.

Re: Code-change alert: Fire sprinklers in all new homes

While I appreciate the points made by our volunteer fire fighters and others who are pro sprinkler, I remain undecided. My questions are as follows.
Smoke detectors alarm much sooner than sprinklers activate. Will sprinklers reduce the battery changes with a false sense of security? Does the code require hard wired battery backed up smoke detectors along with the sprinkler system?
Will sprinklers activate soon enough to save lives in a fire that is very smokey, but not large, and the smoke is toxic due to what is burning? What if the smoke comes from a fire in a non sprinklered area?
Is there a dedicated shut off in a standardized location that the fire dept. or others can use once they verify that doing so is OK? I'm thinking about water damage here.
Will water damage become a big enough issue to negate any insurance cost savings? Will it raise insurance costs in the future?
If you don't have a security system that dials someone, what happens when a small fire breaks out, is extinguished, but the sprinklers keep running until you get back from vacation?
Not everyone keeps house in a way that would allow sprinklers to effectively do their job. What then?
If you have a grease fire in the kitchen and you get the lid on the pan less soon than you'd like, will you still get drenched when the plume of hot air hits the sprinkler?
Lastly, hearing that lobby$$$ are involved rather than an argument based only on merit is cause for serious concern. That's a big red flag for me. Thanks to all.